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Spring Inspired Orange Body Scrub | DIY

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spring and summer are my favorite times to break out the body scrubs. My skin tends to be more vibrant and glowing in the summer so taking this extra step of exfoliating makes my skin that much more hydrated.
I've used store bough scrubs, but making your own is much more cost efficient and you can find most of this in your house.
I have a whole box of essential oils as well as other oils that I use for my hair and skin (coconut oil etc)

Lets See what you'll need:

Coconut Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Jojoba Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Sugar (Brown or White)
A Small Jar
Orange Essential Oil Or Lemon Essential Oil ( Add desired drops)

Mix The Sugar and oils together until you like the texture.Add more oil if you like it softer and less oil if you like more granules.

Enjoy Your Orange Scented Body Scrub!

Spring/Summer Snack Table Scape Idea

Friday, May 12, 2017

Hey There Friends!
I arranged this super spring/summer theme snack table setting a few weeks ago and I've been dying to share it with you all. I don't know about you but I love snacks and especially cookies. So I thought why not combine a super cute table setting on a budget with some simple snacks for a small party or snack table.

The flowers and the vase are both from Joann's fabrics store. I love the amount of beautiful flowers they have. There are plenty to choose from. I always want all of them and have to constantly stop myself. I also found these long rectangle serving dishes from Ross.The center piece flower print at the bottom is a piece of scrapbook paper from michael's craft store.

I went to target and picked up this cute spring pillow and picture frame from the dollar spot. They also had this really cute open circular basket. I love a good deal that's why I always stop in the dollar section of target, they have the most amazing things.

For my snacks I decided to go with these soft sugar cookies from loft house. Honestly my favorite cookies to buy, there always so sweet and delicious but there mini so I don't feel bad about eating 3 or maybe 4. I also made a really easy salmon salad. Usually I Jazz My salmon salad up with celery and green olives and seasonings, but this time I was very simple.

Salmon Salad Recipe

I Can or Package or cooked boneless and skinless salmon
Mustard (regular or spicy)
Black Olives (sliced)

and you can also add
Green olives 
Garlic Power
Onion Powder
Black Pepper

Along with that I added some of my favorite crackers and cheese. I'm not a cheese enthusiast (if that is a thing) but Munster cheese is one of my favorite cheeses, especially for grilled cheese sandwiches. But this time I decided to go with Smoked Gouda, which is also really delicious.

To Top it all off my mom made this delicious tazo tea. I'm telling you guys this tea will have you craving more and more and she uses all natural honey to sweeten it. Soooo delicious! Just serve it with ice.

I hope you enjoyed!!!

Until Next Time


Reusing Beauty Bags | Wall Decor

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hey There Friends!
I know many of us probably have a lot of stored bags in our closet. I love to keep mine and reuse them around the house or to carry things. I decided to do a little DIY Today on the blog and show you how I made these super easy  beauty bags for wall decor. If you love Sephora and all things beauty like I do, then you know how fast you can rack up some of these bags. I still have a whole box filled (shhhhh) Dont judge me. They make really good bags for carrying small things and also lets admit it there so cute.

The first thing I needed was of course my small bags. The smaller the better in my opinion, they stay on the wall better and it's also better to use the sturdy Sephora bags they give you not the plastic thin ones.I used both in the picture just to show you the difference. Pink also has great bags. I have so many of them just from collecting overtime. Of course I had to choose the best looking ones though. I use these bags for tons of things. Holding my lunch, carrying things from the car (light products) I also use them for holding my change believe it or not and they work really well. I've never had a bag break on me (fingers crossed)

You can use thumb tacks to hang up the bags but the down side to that is they don't  hold the bag flush against the wall. I used these easy picture frame command hooks and put 2 on the back of the bag to make sure they stay.

Then I added my favorite flowers. I picked up both sets of flowers at Joann's Fabrics but they also have so many flowers at Michael's Craft Store as well as the dollar store. but if you go to a craft store they definitely will have more of a selection for flowers and they last longer In my opinion.

You may need to cut the stems of your flowers to fit nicely in the bag.When your done you'll have this amazing wall decor that's perfect for the office or just your room. I even think it would be cute in a teenagers room.   

Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time xoxo

Spring Cute Finds from Target Dollar Spot

Saturday, April 15, 2017


So I know most of us love target. I mean who wouldn't, their stuff is amazingly cute and lets face it you get sucked in every time. Well I decided to pick up a few nick-nacks to put around the house for the spring.

The first buy was this cute floral print picture frame with a gold border. I really like how sturdy and durable the frame is and the best part of it all it was only 3 dollars. It goes perfectly with my soft pink/yellow/blue floral theme.

The next amazing steal that I got were these adorable small spring time pillows. There was only 4 left and I bought 3. I definitely wish I would of gotten the fourth one because that's how cute these are. They match my decor perfectly and they were only 5 dollars each. That's a great price for a pillow with designs and words.

The next thing I got was this baby blue medium size dish. I knew I needed something for my everyday body and face products so when I saw this I was so excited. I wish they had a white one but I love the pop of color the blue one gives off.

 I also found another little dish that wasn't in the dollar spot but it was in the clearance section. I've been using this dish to hold my rings. I also bought my mom one so that she could hold her jewelry. Small cute dishes are a great way to store and display your jewelry.

Spring Cleaning | My favorite Cleaning Supplies

Aside from organizing cleaning is my second favorite thing to do. I love the transition from dirty to clean. This past week I have been deep cleaning my house and getting it ready for those summer time parties that are around the corner. Anyhow today I'm going to be sharing with you my favorite products I like to use as well as some cleaning tools that make the job a lot easier.  

 I purchased this caddy a little over a year ago from target and It has been very handy. I keep all of my supplies in here, and it fits my method cleaning products perfectly. Here is a silver caddy that is similar to the one pictured here.

I was deeply in need of some new cleaning cloths, so I decided to pick up some more Microfiber Cloths from target. Microfiber cloths are amazing to use for cleaning and I would never go back to using regular cloths to clean. Each cloth has its own special talent. The gray one I use for wiping down counters and sinks, just an overall cleaning cloth. The Green one I use to clean my mirrors or wipe off the TV screen. The blue one I use before cleaning any surfaces to get rid of all the dust partials (if you live in Arizona we have an abundance of dust.)

 Now these are my all time favorite cleaning products from The Method Company. I am in love with their scents, there not to harsh and leave your bathroom and kitchen smelling like a new day. The glass cleaner smells like mint The bathroom cleaner smells like spearmint gum and my favorite all purpose cleaner is the sea salt and lime scent.

 To clean my bath and shower I use this scotch-brite  retractable shower and bath scrubber. It works wonders in the shower to get rid of any dirt or buildup. 

When cleaning the toilet area I like to use the Lysol Toilet Power Clean for the inside, it does a really good job. For cleaning the handles and the outside of the toilet I use the Clorox Wipes. I like to use the Clorox wipes because after I am finished I can just throw them away and not have to worry about contamination. If i do a deep cleaning I use small white cleaning towels that I wash and bleach separately from any other towels. 

 Last but not least I keep a scrub brush and a magic eraser in my cleaning caddy as well as some gloves for keeping my hands protected. 

 I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what are some of your favorite cleaning products in the comments below.

until next time xoxo

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