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Refreshing Watermelon Drink

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Who doesn't love watermelon, I know I do! It's perfect for summer and a family BBQ. Which, there will definitely be a lot of this summer. Its super easy to make and you'll definitely be hooked. Blending watermelon into the perfect drink makes it even better.

Watermelon Drink


Watermelon (Seeded or Seedless)

I start by cutting my watermelon into cubes and adding ice

Then I blend until slightly smooth. Then I add some sugar (You can put however much to you liking) This is also when I add my lemon. Then i blend again until all smooth.

*If you don't like small seeds I suggest straining the watermelon juice separate. I don't mind it so, I left it in.

Honey Sugar Coated Glasses

Tip the rim of the glass into a plate or bowl of honey, next dip it into a plate or bowl of sugar. Your end result will be this delicious, sugar coated glass. The honey add a great taste to the drink. 

Next Pour it up, add your sliced lemon and Enjoy!!

What I'm Snacking On?

Friday, June 2, 2017

I'm such a snack lover! If a see a good snack I have to try it. As a child I enjoyed snack time and as an adult I still do. I've gathered a few of my favorite snacks to munch on, that are a little more healthier than pringles or lays. And these are AMAZINGLY Good!!

Sunflower Seeds
I have liked these ever since I was a child. Especially the lightly salted pack, I'm not of fan of to much salt. Sunflower seeds are perfect if you don't eat nuts or if you like that crunchy, salty taste. I get the ones without the shell because it just takes to long for me to open them haha.

 I enjoy a nice cup of raisins every now and then. They satisfy my sweet tooth and they are perfect mixed in trail mix. A much healthier option than a candy bar you see in the store.

Hummus Chips
My mother actually bought this and told me about them, ever since then I've been obsessed. They are a very light crisp chip that is packed with so much flavor. They really are delicious and can be addicting.

Pirate Booty
Don't be turned off by the name. If you like cheesy popcorn, you'll definitely love Pirate Booty. While I was teaching, many of my students would come to school with pirate booty for lunch and one day I bought my own bag and fell in love. P.S They do get a little messy.

Spring/Summer Snack Table Scape Idea

Friday, May 12, 2017

Hey There Friends!
I arranged this super spring/summer theme snack table setting a few weeks ago and I've been dying to share it with you all. I don't know about you but I love snacks and especially cookies. So I thought why not combine a super cute table setting on a budget with some simple snacks for a small party or snack table.

The flowers and the vase are both from Joann's fabrics store. I love the amount of beautiful flowers they have. There are plenty to choose from. I always want all of them and have to constantly stop myself. I also found these long rectangle serving dishes from Ross.The center piece flower print at the bottom is a piece of scrapbook paper from michael's craft store.

I went to target and picked up this cute spring pillow and picture frame from the dollar spot. They also had this really cute open circular basket. I love a good deal that's why I always stop in the dollar section of target, they have the most amazing things.

For my snacks I decided to go with these soft sugar cookies from loft house. Honestly my favorite cookies to buy, there always so sweet and delicious but there mini so I don't feel bad about eating 3 or maybe 4. I also made a really easy salmon salad. Usually I Jazz My salmon salad up with celery and green olives and seasonings, but this time I was very simple.

Salmon Salad Recipe

I Can or Package or cooked boneless and skinless salmon
Mustard (regular or spicy)
Black Olives (sliced)

and you can also add
Green olives 
Garlic Power
Onion Powder
Black Pepper

Along with that I added some of my favorite crackers and cheese. I'm not a cheese enthusiast (if that is a thing) but Munster cheese is one of my favorite cheeses, especially for grilled cheese sandwiches. But this time I decided to go with Smoked Gouda, which is also really delicious.

To Top it all off my mom made this delicious tazo tea. I'm telling you guys this tea will have you craving more and more and she uses all natural honey to sweeten it. Soooo delicious! Just serve it with ice.

I hope you enjoyed!!!

Until Next Time


Movie Night Anyone? [Easy DIY Movie Banner]

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hey there? I know I know I've been in hibernation for a while,  Is it just me or are movie nights the best thing ever created. I'm not always a fan of going out to the movie theaters, sometimes I enjoy being a homebody with a couple of good chick flicks. My favorite movie of all time is the Devil Wears Prada. Ahhh Meryl Shreep is such an amazing actress. What are some of your favorite chick flicks? Okay Okay enough chit chat, I have a cute DIY to spice up your movie night decor. Because, what is movie night without decorations, fun snacks, and amazing company :) 

For the Movie Banner, I used a few materials that you can find at your local  craft store or around the house. 

Everything You Will Need

1. Rope or String (just something that you can use to look through)
2. Go online and print out a pattern you like. I chose the red and white stripes theme.
3. Go on Microsoft Word and create a shape them type your words in them. I spelled out Movie Night. You can always buy store bought letters also
4. Glue Stick or Regular Glue or Tape

Start out by...
Cutting out your letters (and your paper if need) Glue your letters in place and then begin to glue. After hole punch the top to thread the string through the top.

Loop the string through both holes and your done, Simple right :)

Now onto the snacks, Choose your favorite snacks and bag them up for your friends!!!



Easy Kosher Rice Krispie Treat Shapes!

Friday, December 26, 2014

I was so excited about making Rice Krispes, because I haven't made any since junior high school. So I thought this Holiday Season would be the perfect time to make them for my family.

Recipe Ingredients:

Two 10oz Bags of Marshmallows | 1/2 Stick Of Butter | 4-6 Cups Of Rice Krispies

I found these Marshmallow's at the Kosher Market. I don't eat pork, so finding an alternative Marshmallow that doesn't have gelatin in it, is Great!( If your looking for a kosher market just Google local kosher markets in your city)

| Cooking |

Put your stove on LOW and SLOWLY melt the butter and marshmallows together. You will know when its done because the consistency will be smooth and creamy. 
** Be careful not to burn your marshmallows (take your time )

| Mixing |

After you pore in the marshmallows, start mixing everything together with a spatula. 
** Make sure you butter your spatula and mixing bowl to avoid sticking

| Shape |
| I first transferred my mixture into a pyrex dish to cool, then I started shaping them. |

I decided to make balls, but you can also use cookie cutters and make different shapes.

| Enjoy!:) |

Easy Guacamole with Cilantro

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Well Hello there, it feels like its been awhile but I'm back with another recipe post. Yay! This past week I have been craving and I mean CRAVING! Guacamole! I was totally on a health kick and fell off completely, but with the holiday season coming up that might be a challenge. I decided to make some healthy guacamole with blue corn tortilla chips (which taste AMAZING might I say) but I wanted to play around with it so I added some cilantro. Now usually when I make guacamole I just add avocado and tomato but I was feeling good . lol :) The only thing I forgot is the lemon...because I didn't have any:( but its okay, if you like lemon just add the juice, it also helps so the avocado doesn't turn brown so quickly. Enough chit chat lets get started on this little recipe. 

 So here are my delicious ingredients 
** you will know the avocados are ripe when they are slightly soft and Dark Brown, NOT GREEN

I start by doing the usual mashing avocados with a fork ,without the seed of course:)

 Now for the chopped tomatoes and chopped cilantro (you only need a few pieces of cilantro)

 last but not least adding some garlic powder, onion powder and sea salt

 Hope you guys enjoyed this Recipe

Until Next Time XOXO<3

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