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Saturday, June 16, 2018

My Minimalist Journey/ Am I A Minimalist?

Hello everyone! I hope your all doing well. I wanted to start off by talking about how I found out what minimalism is. and then go a little more into do I consider myself a minimalist?

I was searching on google and pinterest and youtube looking for white simple room ideas. I was definitely looking for a change visual wise. I felt I had pointless things in my space that just accumulated over time. I was already into organizing and de-cluttering so when I was searching I wanted simplicity.

I came across a youtube video by Matt D'Avella who is the director of the documentary minimalism. I watched the minimalist film maker video and just wanted to learn more, so of course I watched the minimalist documentary on netflix and I was shocked.

I guess I never realized how much we just waste, whether it's time, money, objects, prducts etc. We just waste a lot. After the documentary I started looking up more people and learning more in general about our space and health and environment. So for the past year I have been working on my life and figuring out the important things and cleaning out my space and trying to (emphasis on trying) to limit the things I buy to things I need or love.

I wouldn't say...

I'm not a minimalist, because I consider myself one. I think there are so many ways you can be a minimalist it's not just about the space you create around you, but also about what you are eating and thinking and how you live your life. Me liking and creating a simple space and choosing a more simple clothing style that's just my personal preference. I still love and always wear stripes and flowers because it's my life and there is no set way to live it.

My space

Is my sanctuary, and It's very important to me.My space is where I wake up and rest and read and live. I've incorporated real living plants that create oxygen and clean out the air and white walls because they symbolize purity and happiness for me. I am slowly coming into more of an understanding of everything around me and how it affects me but also the world around me.

I am so excited to share more of my life and space with you and have you come on this fun journey of life with me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

4 Tips On Finding Your Personal Style / Wardrobe

Figuring out your personal style and what fits you sometimes can be a challenge! I've found that over the years I've always gravitated towards colors and vibrant shades. I was the girl in high school with the pink skinny jeans. When It came to fashion I had definitely had no fashion sense but i wore what I liked.

As I've gotten older, I have faded out of wanting colored skinny jeans. I love my neutrals and creams and blues. Those are just the colors and shades I love. Don't get me wrong, every know and then I love a pop of color! With that being said if your struggling with defining your personal style and what color scheme you like. Then hopefully these 4 tips will help you decide.

Tip 1.
Find out what colors you wear on a daily basis. If you constantly find yourself in a certain color scheme that's probably what you feel most comfortable wearing.

Tip 2. 
Start a pinterest board of all the outfit ideas you like. You will be surprised on trends you may notice you gravitate towards. This will give you an idea of your personal style.

Tip 3. 
Use you pinterest ideas to shop your outfits. If I notice an outfit I like (ex. gray sweatshirt and black pants) The next time I go shopping, I'm going to start looking for gray sweatshirts or shirts and black bottoms.

Tip 2. 
By finding out what color palette you like, you make shopping 10 times easier. You might not even pick up a black shirt if you know you love colors or vise versa. Knowing what colors and style you like can really cut down excess spending on clothes you will not ever wear.

Always wear what makes you comfortable and confident!!!


Thursday, June 7, 2018

I struggle at giving gifts

It's true! I love giving gifts and wrapping them and making them all pretty. But honestly I struggle when It comes down to getting someone that special something. There's so many components to getting someone a gift,
what they need
what they like
what store to get it from
personal style etc.

so I always find myself stumped when it's time to give a gift. If your like me and you are struggling to get someone a gift. Go on their instagram, pinterest, visit them at home and just see what kinds of things they may like.

Social media is such a huge platform now days that everyone shares so much of what they like. From shoes brands to make up to what causes they are fighting for. Everyone has a personal niche that describes them.

If your looking to get someone a gift, my best advice is do your research. And if your not able to find a gift, gift cards are the next best thing!

Saturday, June 2, 2018


You guys have no idea how excited I was to find these! I have been looking everywhere for vegetarian (kosher/halal) vitamin gummies and every place I went there was none. I was actually scrolling through Instagram and saw a post from one of my favorite bloggers/youtubers laila loves. Of course I took no hesitation and went online to order them.

When it arrived the packaging was so cute and turquoise, which if you didn't know is one of my favorite colors. Ordering was so simple. They have package deals or you can order a single size (like I did) My package came with a silk hair tie and also a sugar bear key chain. I love getting little extras when I order from any company. 

They are nourished with biotin, folic acid, vitamin c and more beneficial ingredients. The vitamins are to help strengthen and add shine to your hair. 

Now the best part! These vitamin gummies taste absolutely amazing. Even my brothers wanted to try them. They are sweet and have a blueberry taste, and don't leave that weird vitamin taste in your mouth.(honestly they taste like candy gummies) Adults only need to take 2 vitamins a day. I like to take mine in the mornings. 

If you are looking for gummie vitamins but you want it to be completely vegetarian, gluten free, soy free and cruelty free. Then you will definitely like these. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

5 Ways To Use A Small Box For Organizing

Sometimes we look at small storage containers and think, what can I do with this? Well I have you covered. I have 5 ways you can use those small storage boxes/containers. 
This small wood box is actually a planter box I got from the target dollar section for about 3 dollars. I was looking for a small wood box but all the ones I came across were the wrong wood grain I wanted. Then I found these beauties and I snatched the last 2 I saw.
Office Supplies
This can be great for all those pens, scissors or just random office supplies that sit on your desk everyday. I added a small acrylic pencil box that nestled perfectly inside. 


Makeup storage can be tricky sometimes because f how messy it can get. These wood boxes came lined with a plastic liner. Perfect to store small makeup or makeup palettes.

Nighstand Essentials 

I always have loose stuff  I want easy access to next to my bed, so why not add a small wood box or cute container and put your bed time essentials. Some times I need a hair tie, chap stick, a nail file, lotion or oil etc.


Bathrooms products always need a good home. I like to put all my everyday items close to the sink in a small container for easy access, especially if I'm in a rush. 

Small Travel Bag

I tend to have a lot of small travel bags. There one of my favorite things to impulse buy. But they can also be a cute display in a small storage box. 

Hope you found these organizing tips helpful.
until next time 

Sunday, May 6, 2018

My Dental Hygiene Routine | Braces

One thing I love, are pearly white, clean teeth. They just make me so happy! A clean, bright smile will light up your entire day. For me it does! Your dental hygiene routine changes a bit when you have braces. Flossing becomes...well a challenge I will say. But I found so many helpful products and tools that make dental hygiene a breeze.


Lets start with the most challenging, FLOSSING! I use a water flosser and also dental floss specifically designed for braces.

I use the water flosser first. It gets rid of any food that may be stuck in your brackets and it feels amazing on my gums. I will say, if you use it, start on the lowest level first and work your way to 10. It can make your gums a little sore if you go in full speed. Now that I've been using it for over a year I only use the 10 speed.

These are the coolest flossers I've ever seen. Hence their name is SUPERfloss. They have a pointed plastic end for easy access into your braces and under your gums. These have been a life saver and they make flossing 5 times faster.

Tooth Brush

I switch between my electric Oral B Toothbrush and my new Bamboo Woobamboo (Natural) Toothbrush. Both I love, It just depends on my mood and how my teeth look, and feel.

Tooth Paste

I like Dr Bronners Toothpaste. Its not to strong and doesn't have a whitening agent. Which I try to avoid until I get my braces off.

Mouth Wash

I use this mouth wash because It does an amazing job at keeping your breath fresh for hours.
Thera Breath Mouth Wash 

Remember To Keep Those Teeth Clean And Bright!!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

My Mini Staycation At Element Hotels

I have to say my mini staycation at Element Hotels has by far been my favorite! If you didn't know I am so obsessed with Hotels (nice, clean hotels that is) I love knowing I can go to a place and relax with all accommodations made for me.

When I think of a staycation I want to feel like I'm in a mini resort, spa etc. I basically just dont want to feel like I'm at home.  Element Hotels made me feel right in my {element} how fitting right. Right when I came in, I knew I was gonna love the place. The smell, cleanliness and overall appearance caught my eye.

I love neutral bright colors with cool wood tones, which is exactly their color scheme. I stayed at the Element in chandler, Arizona, but they have so many accommodating locations all over the U.S.

Relaxation Time

For me this particular stay, I wanted to just unwind from the long week I had. So hitting the gym and relaxing watching a few movies was the highlight of my staycation. I also managed to have a little wine and keep it chilled in their full equipped kitchens.

The fact that I've stayed at this hotel a few times is a sign i may be a little to in love with it. I even had a surprise balloon filled shower for my birthday!

A simple breakfast is all I need

Check out more of what element hotels has to offer.

Element Hotels 

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My Transition To A More Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Wheat Bread Toast

Sunflower Seed Butter

Raisins, Bananas and Sunflower Seeds

OMG! I never thought I would be one of those people that likes making their food look photographically good. I follow so many vegan and vegetarian instagrams, and they have made me so so INSPIRED to really enjoy and love the food I'm eating. And One of those things I noticed Is how beautiful and photographically pretty the pictures are. Lately every time I make food I try and make is as appealing as can be and just overall healthy.

When you take pictures of fruits and vegetables they look so good and refreshing and seeing those pictures is like a constant reminder of how good healthy food makes me feel.

Taking pictures of greasy burgers and fries and just junk food doesn't give me the same happy feeling. As I'm learning more about being a vegetarian. there are just so many things I'm learning along the way.

Food is energy, food is life and its meant to be enjoyed and prepared in the most peaceful way.  I highly suggest you read "How To Eat To Live" There are 2 volumes and they are really amazing books about food and how its meant to sustain our life but can also be a natural killer.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is a very beautiful and wise man who has a wealth of knowledge and his books are great tools to living a more healthy, longer life. As well as being your best self. And you can only be your best self if you have the knowledge about food and how it affects your body.

I'm slowly but surely getting myself there. It's very gradual, cutting certain foods out of your life, and adding healthier ones and not letting my stomach rule me but allowing my mind to rule my body and my stomach.

Book # 1

Book # 2

Monday, February 19, 2018

5 Things I Wish I Knew In My Early 20's

 This year I will be 26 years old which means I am going to be a little more than halfway through my 20's which is so crazy to think about! It feels like just yesterday I was 19 and running around my college campus. But this has given me time to think about all the things I wish I knew or did when I was in my early 20's. I wish I had a me when I was younger to guide me to things I wish I knew now.


OMG! I so so wish I interned or got experience in multiple career fields. I think when your just starting out in college this is the perfect time to try different careers, to see what you might like. What you love at 19 or 21 could not be the same when you get 25. So having that experience can go a long way when your job hunting a little later in life. Most jobs want you to know a little about the career your stepping into, so INTERN INTERN INTERN LOL!


Make sure that whatever loans you apply for, you understand them fully. I think at 18 going into college I had no idea what a loan really was or was I was signing. Most of us need loans to pay for college unless you can get grants or scholarships, then that's great. Never be afraid to ask someone who knows about loans and to help you decide.


I feel like when i was living in the dorms I was so home sick. It was just the fact that I didn't live in my room or my old house anymore that really got to me. I enjoyed having freedom and hanging out with my friends but I was still home sick at night. But i think that's part of growing and sometimes you just have to roll with it and enjoy it. i wish i would have enjoyed that experience a lot more. There's nothing like having "free" room and board and endless activities and free time.


Don't care about what others say or think about you. this is your life and you can live it anyway you want. There is no set rules to life. be fearless, take risks and just be your true self.


Keeping good references with employees or teachers can be a benefit for you in the future. Always keep lines of communication open and clear. You never know when you might want to apply for an internship or a job. Having creditable people to reference you is always a good sign.

Hope this helps anyone with there early 20's. Or if your in your mid or late 20's whats some advice you would give to others or your younger self?

leave a comment below

until next time xoxo

Jewlery Organization With The Container Store

There's nothing like getting new organization products that actually do their job. ORGANIZE! It took me a while to figure out different organization systems for my rings, bracelets, etc. I've tried decorative boxes, cute plates, pretty much anything you can think of.

I came across these amazing organization products ( At My Favorite Store Ever) perfect for my jewelry! Drum Roll Please....None other than THE CONTAINER STORE!

The container store has some of the best organization products from your office to your kitchen all the way to travel essentials.

The First Organizer I purchased was this white/wood necklace and bracelet holder. I saw It on the shelf and thought it was just perfect for the minimal amount of necklaces and bracelets I have.


The next organizing product was this acrylic drawer organizer. the good thing about this organizer is I can add multiple layers and make it and entire makeup/jewelry organizer. It's great for keeping all my studs in individual compartments. I even have a few other trinkets as well.
Thursday, February 1, 2018

My Goals For 2018...

I know I'm a little late, but I really had to dig deep and think about all the things I want to accomplish in 2018. So 2018 is here, time to bust out the pen and notepad and get to these goals I'm looking forward to accomplishing. Mostly my goals are personal goals. I wont be sharing all of my goals but some of them. I like to break my goals down into categories such as career, personal, financial. the goals I'm posting today are more personal goals or goals related to my blog. Here We Go.

Number 1.
Weight Loss, Yup I said It! Ugh I hate saying weight loss, but guys its true. I want to loose weight and just be more healthier activity wise. I look back on old pictures and I'm like "MAN!" Who is that girl? I love clothes and I want to feel my most comfortable in them. So weight loss is definitely my number one goal. 

Number 2.
Travel Travel Travel. I need to get out more and travel, even if its just for the weekend. Traveling and seeing a different environment really opens up your mind and creativity. So traveling more is definitely in the works. Now the only question is where to? hmm

Number 3. 
Consistency! It really is key. I have been trying my best to be consistent but sometimes its hard or I get unmotivated. But the goal is to stay consistent, and try to find those things that keep me motivated. I love giving helpful tips or doing a fun blog post. I just need to prioritize my time and get back on track. but I'm getting there. 

Number 4. 
Get off meat completely! So earlier in 2017, I became a vegetarian and felt great but slowly started to eat meat again. My ultimate goal is to not eat any meat and if I want protein there is always fish (I love Salmon) and also beans etc. This has been such an off and on again goal of mine since I keep reverting back to chicken, because that's my weakness. lol
Number 5.
Go Out More! I'm not talking about the club or bars or anything. But just out in general, restaurants, new stores, museums. Just go out and do things. Sometimes there's even free events in downtown or Tempe. I just need to go out and mingle and have a good time. Over the past year I have definitely become more of a home body and though there is nothing wrong with that. I would like to get out more and mingle and be social. Social events here I come, Hopefully (fingers crossed) 
These are just a few of my goals I'm sharing, but I'm sure in the near future I'll have more. I'm always adding goals throughout the year. Or I add short term goals. I'm curious at what some of your goals are, let me know in the comments? Maybe we share the same goal. #girlpower 
Thursday, January 25, 2018

Staying Consistent

The internet world moves so fast sometimes you have to stay on the ball. Being a Blogger and being consistent is important, but for me creating quality content is what I love to do. I hate posting a organization post if I feel its doesn't work 100 percent for me. Whatever I put out I want to love reading it and love going back to it years later.

Maybe that's a problem, idk. I follow so many blogs and I'm always like geez (how do they post so much content). Maybe if I was blogging every single day I definitely could but I just have to get in the flow of things.

I just never want blogging to feel like a chore. I like when my ideas come naturally and I can sit on the computer and write for however long and think of creative pictures to take. That brings me more joy and happiness when I blog.

I'm still working on my blog post about why I started blogging, because when I started It was during a rough period in my life. It was my humble little nest where I could write and be creative.

Sometimes I feel the pressures to upload twice a day and be active and social 24/7. But in reality I miss and love the creative and truthful side to blogging. It was nice to sit down and read someones entire blog post that you know they put there heart into.

And well that's what I wanna do and be. Myself and creative. Consistent, YES! So the goal is to stay consistent, but stay myself and creative and make sure very post I create is one that I love and one that I would love to read.

Just some thoughts on this monday night!

Enjoy The rest of your week. Smooches
Monday, January 15, 2018

Create Your Own Keepsake Box!

Does anyone have a keepsake box? I do, and I love it. I keep all of my important things in there, that I want to remember. From small gifts from my past students (FYI: I use to be a preschool teacher) To thank you notes and just random knick knacks. I wanted to share with you how I organize my keepsake box and help you create your own if you don't have one.

A box that has a few of your favorite sentimental pieces is a great alternative than to having a garage or closet filled with just random achievements. I find that if you sort through and really look at what you have you'll find that most of those keepsakes you don't need.

Even though I keep letters or thank you notes, I often go through them when I receive a new one. Memories are important to all of us, but its also important to remember not every single memory can be saved in a box. and remember you always have the memory in your head. But saving those really important memories or something you want to pass down to your children is something worth saving.

I use this really cute and simple box from The Container Store. They come in many different sizes and they fit a nice amount of stuff. Of course knowing me, I went for the white option, because I just love the look of the white boxes.  Its very crisp and clean, but they also have other colors as well.

School Projects and Report Cards Are Important To Me, So I Have A few of My Elementary School Booklets/Projects And Report Cards

More things in my keepsake box...

-Bead bracelets from my former students
-Cards and letters from parents, families and my students
-Id badges/plane tickets from important events

A keepsake box is sentimental to you, so gather things in there that are unique to your life and the memories you want to keep and look back on

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have a keepsake box and what things you put in there!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Sparkly New Years Eve Head Band!

Ahhhh I could scream right now! New Years is literally around the corner, like its here everyone. I'm so happy about 2018 and I have no idea why really. I'm just really excited for it. I made this really cute and festive headband last minute because I wanted something sparkly to add to my hair but  what? hmmmm Ummm a sparkling headband duh.

This headband is super easy to make and you can make bunch of them for your friends.

You Will Need.

Hot Glue Gun or
E600 Glue (hot glue gun works better in my opinion)
A stretchy headband or a standard headband
Small foam sparkly balls
Large Pan to stretch headband over

Make sure the headband is stretched while you glue the balls on or you will be left with gaps when you put it on

*If any glue gets on your pan, use dawn dish soap let it soak and rub off with your finger

Let it dry completely which should only take maybe 5 minutes with a hot glue gun

Whos' Ready For Some New Years Fun! 
2018 Here We Come!!!!!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Actually Achieving Your Goal Can Be Scary

Whether its weight loss, or that promotion you have been working towards, achieving a goal is one of the best feelings ever! But what happens after you have completed that goal and you have what you wanted?

Have you ever spent time working towards a goal and then you finally reach it, now what? It's a time when you start to realize you put your mind to something and actually achieved it. How Amazing is that right?!

I've recently had this realization and was wondering do other people have this. I reached a goal and now I feel like wow I did it, now what? Something that you could of been striving for is now here. Whether its a job, weight loss, etc. you reached that goal, now what?

I feel like once you reach your goal, you have so much more confidence. and you just want to achieve more. instead of staying in that position. Its like getting a  promotion and now your like wow I've worked so hard for this, but I want more,
does anyone else have that feeling?

The best feeling in life is completing a hard challenge that you put on yourself.

I do have to say reaching a goal is the best feeling in the world. Someone once said don't sulk about the loses and celebrate the wins. Your achievements are a part of your life good or bad. But its always amazing to reach those desired goals and feel accomplished.

let me know what or how you guys feel after you've reached a goal?

until next time!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

New Year | New Space | New Decor Inspiration

Well I Moved!! Yayyyy!! I love the space I moved to, it literally has so much space. I went from a smaller room with a larger closet, to a larger room with a smaller closet. But Hey, Beggers cants be choosers right, and I just cant get over this space and what I plan on doing with it. So today I wanted to share with you some ideas for the new space.

If your ever struggling to create the setting you want in your room. Look no further because Pinterest is your best friend!!! It has pages and pages of topics from life hacks to bedroom decor and food recipes. All under one roof from people just like you. If your ever in the need of a little inspiration. Pinterest is the key. Okay now on to my style.

I'm currently leaning towards more of a sleek white look, with touches of wood and texture. But still keeping my flare of {style me bright}  if you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE COLOR! but I may be leaning towards something different. We shall see.

I might just keep my bright white them with hints of color. But for now here is the inspiration I'm going for, but with a little color lol 

And as for now my bedroom and office are in the same space so I want a style that can mesh with both my sleeping area as well as my working area. But maybe down the line I'll create a super colorful office!! That's definitely a plan in the works. 


I love the bright white, with hints of gray and wood



Let me know in the comments if there were any styles you really liked!! I would love to know