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4 Tips On Finding Your Personal Style / Wardrobe

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Figuring out your personal style and what fits you sometimes can be a challenge! I've found that over the years I've always gravitated towards colors and vibrant shades. I was the girl in high school with the pink skinny jeans. When It came to fashion I had definitely had no fashion sense but i wore what I liked.

As I've gotten older, I have faded out of wanting colored skinny jeans. I love my neutrals and creams and blues. Those are just the colors and shades I love. Don't get me wrong, every know and then I love a pop of color! With that being said if your struggling with defining your personal style and what color scheme you like. Then hopefully these 4 tips will help you decide.

Tip 1.
Find out what colors you wear on a daily basis. If you constantly find yourself in a certain color scheme that's probably what you feel most comfortable wearing.

Tip 2. 
Start a pinterest board of all the outfit ideas you like. You will be surprised on trends you may notice you gravitate towards. This will give you an idea of your personal style.

Tip 3. 
Use you pinterest ideas to shop your outfits. If I notice an outfit I like (ex. gray sweatshirt and black pants) The next time I go shopping, I'm going to start looking for gray sweatshirts or shirts and black bottoms.

Tip 2. 
By finding out what color palette you like, you make shopping 10 times easier. You might not even pick up a black shirt if you know you love colors or vise versa. Knowing what colors and style you like can really cut down excess spending on clothes you will not ever wear.

Always wear what makes you comfortable and confident!!!


Finding jeans to fit your curves

Sunday, June 10, 2018

I've always had the hardest time finding jeans to fit my curves. Growing up and while I was in high school and college I always shopped at either jcpenny's or sometimes old navy for my jeans. Those were the only places that had jeans that could fit me nicely without all the extra fabric in the stomach area.

I have a smaller waist and not a large stomach but larger hips and most jeans are not made to accommodate that size. So of course with the help of "instagram" I found fashion nova and well the rest is history hahah, no but seriously I cant rave enough about these pants/jeans.

Who knew jeans could become your best friend!

For all my curvy girls out there. I am all for fashion nova jeans/pants. I like anything with comfort and style. And the obvious, JEANS THAT FIT!

The great thing is fashion nova doesn't just have jeans they also have pants, 2 piece suits, dresses accessories etc. They even have a fashion nova curve line that goes up to size 3x, which is awesome! #girlpower

I've ordered these pants in white, blue and black. I've also ordered jeans from here as well and a 2 piece set. I'm just glad there are jeans out there that can hug your hips in all the right ways and still be stylish and affordable.

The one thing I did notice is my black pants faded fairly easily and I absolutely hate that, so I wouldn't recommend the black pants (and I've ordered them 3 times and they still fade) the white and blue have held up nicely.

If your in the market for some jeans to hug your curves I'd definitely check the out. Ill leave the link to my pants and the store so you can see for yourself.

Also let me know if there are any jeans that you wear that fit your body, and help a girl out.



May Favorites 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017


Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara 
I have to have mascara even if I'm not wearing any any makeup. A good mascara is definitely my staple. My Favorite mascara is the Maybelline Big Shot Mascara. I gives my eyes that bold look, and really wakes me face up. If you like a more dramatic eye lash you'll love this one and it totally affordable.

Maybelline Lip Shine
I love a good lip gloss but this Maybelline Lip Shine leaves my lips shiny for so long and it keeps them moisturized believe it or not. Definitely my favorite, It goes everywhere with me

Maybelline Fit Me Powder
I guess you can say I'm loving Maybelline products right now. This powder is affordable and works. It gives my skin a smooth finish. I take this with me to work and I'm currently loving it.

I prefer coconut oil or sweet almond oil over lotion, but my favorite lotion that I've been using for a while now is this Nivea Essentially Enriched one. It leaves me so moisturized and gives my skin a radiant glow. This is the only lotion I use and It is amazing!! I also love how thick it is. I buy the dry to very dry skin.
I also use the Nivea Cream for my feet as a nightly moisturizer.

At The Beach Body Spray and Lotion 
 I got these when bath and body works was having a sale, and I got them for only 7.00$ dollars. On top of that they smell sweet and perfect for summer and the beach. Hence the name At the beach.



I heard Sampha a few times on other artist albums as a feat, (Solange, Drake etc,) before I actually listened to his album titled "Process". And he is so incredibly talented. He plays the piano and his beats and harmonies and lyrics are amazing. I absolutely love his music and I play his album on repeat on my way to work everyday hahaa P.S My favorite song is INCOMPLETE KISSES and PLASTIC 100


The Show Power 

Okay so, I am not a TV person, AT ALL. But of course my mother, of all people tells me about this show. and I watched one episode and I was hooked. Its definitely an adult show for mature audiences but it has so much suspense I have to see what happens in the next season. And the leading actor, he does an amazing Job and he is incredibly good looking!

How I Keep My Purses in Shape

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hey There,

Happy Monday Everyone!!!! Today I have a super easy and inexpensive DIY for you. I know sometimes when our purses are stacked in our closets they tend to get a little bent out of shape and worn down quicker. I just wanted to share with you my tip on keeping my bags in shape and not flat like a pancake.

So.. if you have purses that have a "softer" material, chances are you may have a hard time getting them to stand up and they can easily loose their shape and form. My First tip is to try and not stack your purses but line them up horizontally. It allows them to keep their shape and not be flat or deformed.

My second tip is creating a purse insert using a zip lock bag and newspaper. What I like to do is create a bag inside of the bag. You can use old magazines, old newspapers, or just paper. I crumble the paper up and place it into a gallon size ziplock bag (ruffly the size of my purse).

Then I close it up and place it inside my purse before I store it in my closet and [Walahhhhhhh] You have yourself a nice shaped bag. You may have to press on the zip lock bag to create the shape you want for your purse. I've had to use 2 of the ziplock bags to fill larger purses but for a normal size purse 1 should do the trick. You can also do this with a small handheld bag using a sandwich size ziplock bag. I hope this helps and let me know in the comments below if you used this and how it worked.

Until Next Time XOXO

Winter Plaid OOTD!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Heyyy Guys! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday week! Here's my Outfit Of The Day from earlier today. I mixed plaid with checkered print, only because I felt a bit daring today. I even wore my favorite red lip stick by Rimmel London Kate. I was doing a little shopping so I wanted something comfy and not to complicated. Hope You enjoy!

 These Pants are definitely one of my favorites to wear. I love the look of them and they are so comfy.

I bought these boots over 2 years ago from "Ross Dress For Less" and I still where them, especially on rainy days.

 I am In love with the checkered black and white print on this scarf. It's very classic and can be worn with my different outfits or styles.

Outfit Details :

**unfortunately all of these pieces were purchased a while ago, so I do not have the links for them. But I did link the stores!:)

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