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Friday, May 11, 2018

5 Ways To Use A Small Box For Organizing

Sometimes we look at small storage containers and think, what can I do with this? Well I have you covered. I have 5 ways you can use those small storage boxes/containers. 
This small wood box is actually a planter box I got from the target dollar section for about 3 dollars. I was looking for a small wood box but all the ones I came across were the wrong wood grain I wanted. Then I found these beauties and I snatched the last 2 I saw.
Office Supplies
This can be great for all those pens, scissors or just random office supplies that sit on your desk everyday. I added a small acrylic pencil box that nestled perfectly inside. 


Makeup storage can be tricky sometimes because f how messy it can get. These wood boxes came lined with a plastic liner. Perfect to store small makeup or makeup palettes.

Nighstand Essentials 

I always have loose stuff  I want easy access to next to my bed, so why not add a small wood box or cute container and put your bed time essentials. Some times I need a hair tie, chap stick, a nail file, lotion or oil etc.


Bathrooms products always need a good home. I like to put all my everyday items close to the sink in a small container for easy access, especially if I'm in a rush. 

Small Travel Bag

I tend to have a lot of small travel bags. There one of my favorite things to impulse buy. But they can also be a cute display in a small storage box. 

Hope you found these organizing tips helpful.
until next time 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Create Your Own Keepsake Box!

Does anyone have a keepsake box? I do, and I love it. I keep all of my important things in there, that I want to remember. From small gifts from my past students (FYI: I use to be a preschool teacher) To thank you notes and just random knick knacks. I wanted to share with you how I organize my keepsake box and help you create your own if you don't have one.

A box that has a few of your favorite sentimental pieces is a great alternative than to having a garage or closet filled with just random achievements. I find that if you sort through and really look at what you have you'll find that most of those keepsakes you don't need.

Even though I keep letters or thank you notes, I often go through them when I receive a new one. Memories are important to all of us, but its also important to remember not every single memory can be saved in a box. and remember you always have the memory in your head. But saving those really important memories or something you want to pass down to your children is something worth saving.

I use this really cute and simple box from The Container Store. They come in many different sizes and they fit a nice amount of stuff. Of course knowing me, I went for the white option, because I just love the look of the white boxes.  Its very crisp and clean, but they also have other colors as well.

School Projects and Report Cards Are Important To Me, So I Have A few of My Elementary School Booklets/Projects And Report Cards

More things in my keepsake box...

-Bead bracelets from my former students
-Cards and letters from parents, families and my students
-Id badges/plane tickets from important events

A keepsake box is sentimental to you, so gather things in there that are unique to your life and the memories you want to keep and look back on

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have a keepsake box and what things you put in there!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How I Style My Bedside Cart

Well Hello There!

Hope you all are well and happy! Ive been going back and fourth with how I wanted to style my bedside cart. I always knew I wanted a cart next to my bed, ever since I trolled Pinterest and saw how cute they were. I originally had this cart in my bathroom, then I used it for my desk/craft area and it finally ended up as my beside cart. I have to say I completely love having this. I use it to prop up my laptop or phone when I want to watch Hulu plus. I can roll it over and use it as an eating tray if I wanted to. It's so versatile and on TOP of that it is the cutest!!! color {Turquoise.}

I wanted the top to be easy access so I included some pens and some of MY frequently accessed notebooks. [Little secret] about this notebook on top. It actually came black and white and I penciled in the color, It came out surprisingly good, in my opinion.  I also keep my water here because at night I always always get thirsty. Who else gets super thirsty at night?!

This small wire basket is from target, it was only 3 dollars (in the dollar section) and you can use it to store small things you want next to your bed (chap stick, lotion etc) and this white vase and the faux flowers are from Ikea.

 Second row is most of my books, the books that I'm currently reading are in another spot but these are just where I keep them.

 Third shelf I added these bright yellow acrylic boxes that I purchased from the container store. They were actually on super clearance and I got them for 6 dollars and they are originally 20 something. I was so happy because I really wanted these every time I went there. (Which was every other weekend)

P.S They are empty. Let me know if you have any suggestions on what I should put in them. I had spare notepads and pens in them before but that just wasn't working for me.

 And there it is, my simple bed side cart! I hope you get inspired and share some tips on how you style your cart in the comments below. Happy Organizing and Decorating!

 Product Links:

Utility Cart (Ikea)
Yellow Acrylic Boxes
*Yellow Boxes are discontinued but they so many other colors on the website*
Ikea Flowers 
Ikea White Vase

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Desk Organization {Sneak Peek}

Hey Friends!

Today I'm sharing with you a little sneak peek into my office drawer organization. I am in love with office supplies and I can stay in a store looking at them for hours, honest. I'm really liking the way my drawers are set up. Its taken me some time to really know what things I want to place together which is why I'm only doing a little sneak peek. When I have it completely to my liking then I definitely will be showing you guys more. By that time I may have changed a few more things FYI

Let's start with my top drawer. This is where I keep all of my extra pens and pencils and highlighters. Its great because they are in easy access and, let me just say ,I love how vibrant and colorful this drawer looks. I also have some random bits (thumb tacks, rubber bands and safety pins) That mini doughnut is actually a book marker!

My second drawer is my note taking drawer/stickers and labels. I use a lot of sticky notes, I'm a visual person so I always have to leave myself notes or I use them to jot down ideas really quickly. These emoji stickers I just thought were so cute and I had to have them. I currently haven't used them yet, but I will sooner than later. I also keep my pencil sharper in this drawer as well as my double sided tape that I use sometimes when I label something. This white organizing set is from Big Lots. You can mix and match them and create them however you want.

Lets move on to drawer number 3. Probably my favorite drawer because of how organized it is. Everything has its own place and it just looks so seamless and I'm loving it!!! Even though its lacking some color. This Acrylic Desk Drawer Organizer is from The Container Store. They have some of the best office storage ever! This drawer is where I keep all of my "real office supplies" (extra staples, paper clips, larger clips, erasers and my mechanical pencil refills.) I also have 2 large notepads that wouldn't fit in my last drawer so I kept them in here.

The last drawer I'm going to share with you is my "small paper drawer", I guess we can call it. This drawer is still coming together but Its functional right now. It definitely has no theme. This is just what goes together in my head. I have envelopes, note cards, extra sticky notes, stapler refills and my picture photo paper. I also got this Photo Paper Holder from The Container Store.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Organization | Small Travel Bags

Organization is the one of the main KEYS to a stress free life in my opinion. I love having a place for everything and having easy access to all of my small bags. I found these easy open wire baskets to house my small travel bags. If I see a small travel bag that's cute, I usually buy them. You can never have to many bags, RIGHT? 

I actually found these wire baskets a few months ago in the target dollar spot for around 3 dollars. I didn't know what to really use them for, so they have been decoration. Until I found a good use for them.

One thing I love is finding many uses for something. Most of the time you can interchange items and use them around the house. Just because you bought a basket in the kitchen department doesn't mean you cant use it in the bathroom.

My small travel bags come in handy, especially when I'm traveling, or going to work, or you can even use them as mini purses when your running errands. I know I Do!


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Organization | Tasks and To Do List

Hey Hey!
I've slowly been trying out different systems that will help me keep my task/to do list/projects organized and efficient. I've finally narrowed it down to this one, using file folders and I absolutely love it. When it comes to organizing it does take a few trial runs to really see what works for you. Especially since everyone is different and we all have our way of doing things. Ive found that using file folders to keep track of projects that need to be done works best for me. I'm a very visual person, I have to be able to see at all times the things I have to do. Or lets be honest they wont get done. So I hope that my system also works for you or even if you have to tweek it a little that's perfectly fine. Do what works best for you. As long as the job is getting done RIGHT?

My Sticky Note System
I have a different color sticky note for the different tasks i may have. I love colors and color dosing pretty much everything I can. It makes my life 10 times easier, believe it or not.

Green (Call)- If I need to call a store and ask them about a charge or just a general question. I will use this sticky note. An example would be, I recently had to call my insurance and ask them a question. I place this sticky note on the outside of the file folder and inside I had the information I needed to talk to my insurance company.( Policy number etc)

Pink(Bill Pay)- I get my bulls sent to me but I pay them online. I like to keep a visual reference that I need to pay a certain bill on a certain day.It also doesn't have to be bills but lets say your car needs to be serviced and now you have a payment due. I use it for that reason as well.

Orange(Cancel)- If I ever have to cancel a service I will use orange and I write on the sticky note the service that needs to be cancelled and the date before I need to cancel it.

Blue (To Do)- This is probably my most used sticky note. I use this if i have a projectt to complete or a task that needs to be done. Like apply for my passport. It really keeps me on rack and I also add dates that I need to complete it by so that I always keep a deadline for myself

Just make sure that all the papers that you need are in that folder. I know if I have to call a store i just throw the bill or number into the file folder that way i can grab the folder, my computer or the phone and simply complete the task.

I don't use this for every task. But I do use this for task that take time. If its something that can be done right then and there. I just do it and save time. But there are those times where its easier to throw the papers in the folders and say ill call them on Monday.

*I also make sure I only keep three projects or tasks in my file organizer. I never want to be overwhelmed so three works for me

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Lets me know in the comments below if you have another way you organize.

Product Links
Sticky Notes - Staples

Until Next Time


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Peak Into My Closet

 Hey Guys!! 

Even though my closet is no where near being done. I still like that I've managed to keep it organized and simple. I've spent a little around 50 dollars getting my closet to at least a point where everything has a place and everything is organized and easy to find. My favorite part of my closet is my felt covered hangers. Yes (I said hangers) I love that nothing slides off of them, they all look universal and just seamless. The look I'm going for when I do upgrade to a larger closet is a black and white theme. I'm super excited about that, but for now. I love my bright pink bins that I've had a little over a year now and they have definitely held up well. 

My second favorite thing in my closet, are these Durable Plastic Shoe Containers from Bed Bath and Beyond. I never thought I would be a person with my shoes in separate organized boxes but over the years routines and habits change. I love being able to see my shoes and still have them protected and covered. My Heels stay in the top of my closet because the boxes are to small for them but I love opening my closet and seeing my 2-3 inch heels that I rarely wear lol.

I use my bins to store Hats, Small Blankets and My Clutches and wallets. They honestly fit so much inside of just one.

I hope you enjoyed my little peak into my closet. Hopefully I gave you a few ideas to keep your closet organized.

Until Next Tim XOXO

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tips on having a Productive Work Week

Hey Hey There! Long time no see. Well let's put all that aside because today I'm talking{ all } about having a productive work week. I know finding that motivation to prepare for a new work week can be draining (for some) AKA me. but with a few simple preparations it will be a piece of cake. I like to start early on Sunday mornings, I feel more productive when my day starts between 7-9am. I definitely try not to procrastinate (remember the more you put off today the more you have to do through out the week)

I usually like to start with my weekly planning || I plan out all the things I may have due [ bills etc] or things I have to get done [ washing clothes, answering emails, clean my car etc] Luckily for me my planner comes with a printed out schedule for easy planning. I like to set a goal of 3 productive outcomes for the week and 3 productive outcomes for the day.

After I get all of my planning done I get to work. First on the list | Washing Clothes | I prefer to get all my washing done on Sunday or Saturday so that when the new work week rolls around I'm all set and prepared || And who doesn't love the smell of freshly washed laundry.

Plan your meals and grocery shop || I use this super helpful grocery shopping list through out the week, that way I know exactly what foods I need. It also makes meal planning a lot easier.

 Pick out your outfits. This may be an extra step but it definitely helps in the long wrong on those days you may be in a hurry. I like to pick out and iron my clothes in advance for a stress free easy morning.

Clean your house and your car. This is probably my favorite thing to do. I love having a clean, fresh car come Monday morning. It makes my drives my peaceful actually. Having a clean house when you wake up in the morning is also another icing on the cake. My day doesn't feel fulfilling if I wake up with cl- udder all around me.

Drink plenty of water. This may not seem like a big process but drinking water through out the day keeps you hydrated and refreshed.

Remember to check and respond to emails. This may be one of those dreadful tasks but keeping a clean organized inbox makes you feel better and keeps your on track and productive. I know I hate those days you wait a whole week to check your email and you may have 1,000 unread emails in your inbox. Then you feel overwhelmed and stressed. I advice you check and respond to emails daily.

 My last tip of the day is to take 20mins to an hour to just meditate and dedicate time to yourself to write down your thoughts to just clear your mind. Just grab some tea and find a nice quiet spot all to yourself.

Get plenty of Rest, Relax and Enjoy your Sunday!!