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Jewlery Organization With The Container Store

Monday, February 19, 2018

There's nothing like getting new organization products that actually do their job. ORGANIZE! It took me a while to figure out different organization systems for my rings, bracelets, etc. I've tried decorative boxes, cute plates, pretty much anything you can think of.

I came across these amazing organization products ( At My Favorite Store Ever) perfect for my jewelry! Drum Roll Please....None other than THE CONTAINER STORE!

The container store has some of the best organization products from your office to your kitchen all the way to travel essentials.

The First Organizer I purchased was this white/wood necklace and bracelet holder. I saw It on the shelf and thought it was just perfect for the minimal amount of necklaces and bracelets I have.


The next organizing product was this acrylic drawer organizer. the good thing about this organizer is I can add multiple layers and make it and entire makeup/jewelry organizer. It's great for keeping all my studs in individual compartments. I even have a few other trinkets as well.

New Year | New Space | New Decor Inspiration

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Well I Moved!! Yayyyy!! I love the space I moved to, it literally has so much space. I went from a smaller room with a larger closet, to a larger room with a smaller closet. But Hey, Beggers cants be choosers right, and I just cant get over this space and what I plan on doing with it. So today I wanted to share with you some ideas for the new space.

If your ever struggling to create the setting you want in your room. Look no further because Pinterest is your best friend!!! It has pages and pages of topics from life hacks to bedroom decor and food recipes. All under one roof from people just like you. If your ever in the need of a little inspiration. Pinterest is the key. Okay now on to my style.

I'm currently leaning towards more of a sleek white look, with touches of wood and texture. But still keeping my flare of {style me bright}  if you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE COLOR! but I may be leaning towards something different. We shall see.

I might just keep my bright white them with hints of color. But for now here is the inspiration I'm going for, but with a little color lol 

And as for now my bedroom and office are in the same space so I want a style that can mesh with both my sleeping area as well as my working area. But maybe down the line I'll create a super colorful office!! That's definitely a plan in the works. 


I love the bright white, with hints of gray and wood



Let me know in the comments if there were any styles you really liked!! I would love to know

How I Style My Bedside Cart

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Well Hello There!

Hope you all are well and happy! Ive been going back and fourth with how I wanted to style my bedside cart. I always knew I wanted a cart next to my bed, ever since I trolled Pinterest and saw how cute they were. I originally had this cart in my bathroom, then I used it for my desk/craft area and it finally ended up as my beside cart. I have to say I completely love having this. I use it to prop up my laptop or phone when I want to watch Hulu plus. I can roll it over and use it as an eating tray if I wanted to. It's so versatile and on TOP of that it is the cutest!!! color {Turquoise.}

I wanted the top to be easy access so I included some pens and some of MY frequently accessed notebooks. [Little secret] about this notebook on top. It actually came black and white and I penciled in the color, It came out surprisingly good, in my opinion.  I also keep my water here because at night I always always get thirsty. Who else gets super thirsty at night?!

This small wire basket is from target, it was only 3 dollars (in the dollar section) and you can use it to store small things you want next to your bed (chap stick, lotion etc) and this white vase and the faux flowers are from Ikea.

 Second row is most of my books, the books that I'm currently reading are in another spot but these are just where I keep them.

 Third shelf I added these bright yellow acrylic boxes that I purchased from the container store. They were actually on super clearance and I got them for 6 dollars and they are originally 20 something. I was so happy because I really wanted these every time I went there. (Which was every other weekend)

P.S They are empty. Let me know if you have any suggestions on what I should put in them. I had spare notepads and pens in them before but that just wasn't working for me.

 And there it is, my simple bed side cart! I hope you get inspired and share some tips on how you style your cart in the comments below. Happy Organizing and Decorating!

 Product Links:

Utility Cart (Ikea)
Yellow Acrylic Boxes
*Yellow Boxes are discontinued but they so many other colors on the website*
Ikea Flowers 
Ikea White Vase

DIY Sparkling Glitter Box

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I have such an obsession/ love for decorative boxes. I use them all the time to keep organized. The decorative box section is always first on my list when I go shopping. I always see some of the most adorable ones in the stores, so I thought why not DIY my own. I love glitter! I know for some people it drives them crazy, not me, I love it. It reminds me of such a happy sparkly place.

What You Need:
Elmer's Spray Adhesive 
Plain Box 

 The Elmer's Spray Adhesive, is a really good spray adhesive, I've used this for other fun projects in the past and its definitely a good one.

Of course you can't make a Glitter Box without Glitter. I purchased this huge pack from target. I loved it because of all the colors it had, and PLUS the bottles are glass, so totally {reusable!!!}

I purchased this plain white photo box from Joann's Fabrics. 

 Lets Get Started...
1. Make sure you cover your surface, you don't want glue everywhere!!
2. Spray a thin layer of Elmer's Spray Adhesive on the top portion of the box lid
*You may want to wear gloves, I didn't and lets just say my hands were filled with glitter. #lessonlearned

3. Gently and lightly sprinkles the glitter on top (make sure you don't pile on to much glitter at a time, it will create clumps, trust me)

Don't forget to spray and glitter the edges as well

4. I let the first layer dry for about 30minutes to an hour, I like to make sure the glue is really dry and set. Then if you want a more dramatic look you can add a second layer of glitter.

5. I spray the finished look with the Elmer's Adhesive Spray to set in all the glitter, and let this dry for an hour or longer.
*Be sure to shake of any extra glitter to prevent clumping.

When your finished your left with this beautiful sparkling glitter box!!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY

Until Next Time XOXO

Reusing Beauty Bags | Wall Decor

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hey There Friends!
I know many of us probably have a lot of stored bags in our closet. I love to keep mine and reuse them around the house or to carry things. I decided to do a little DIY Today on the blog and show you how I made these super easy  beauty bags for wall decor. If you love Sephora and all things beauty like I do, then you know how fast you can rack up some of these bags. I still have a whole box filled (shhhhh) Dont judge me. They make really good bags for carrying small things and also lets admit it there so cute.

The first thing I needed was of course my small bags. The smaller the better in my opinion, they stay on the wall better and it's also better to use the sturdy Sephora bags they give you not the plastic thin ones.I used both in the picture just to show you the difference. Pink also has great bags. I have so many of them just from collecting overtime. Of course I had to choose the best looking ones though. I use these bags for tons of things. Holding my lunch, carrying things from the car (light products) I also use them for holding my change believe it or not and they work really well. I've never had a bag break on me (fingers crossed)

You can use thumb tacks to hang up the bags but the down side to that is they don't  hold the bag flush against the wall. I used these easy picture frame command hooks and put 2 on the back of the bag to make sure they stay.

Then I added my favorite flowers. I picked up both sets of flowers at Joann's Fabrics but they also have so many flowers at Michael's Craft Store as well as the dollar store. but if you go to a craft store they definitely will have more of a selection for flowers and they last longer In my opinion.

You may need to cut the stems of your flowers to fit nicely in the bag.When your done you'll have this amazing wall decor that's perfect for the office or just your room. I even think it would be cute in a teenagers room.   

Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time xoxo

[Tumblr Inspired] Inspiration Wall

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hello Sunshines!
I've slowly but surely been working on my room (desk area especially) I decided to go ahead and continue my inspiration wall that I started a year ago but never finished...ooops! This time around I wanted to use actual pictures from Tumblr instead of cut out magazines like before. It just adds a more clean look to the wall, in my opinion.  I love Tumblr!! So I went on there and went to work saving some of my favorite photos. Along the way I added a few of my own photos to the wall that I took myself:) [shameless plug] I've seen so many ideas of inspiration walls, I wanted my own.  Waking up to inspiring words or pictures really help me start my day off in a positive way. Some of the pictures are just photos I like, or either places I want to travel to. The number one place I want to travel to is LONDON! The Beautiful UK, One day! so I keep a reminder on my wall everyday.

One of my main concerns about creating my inspiration wall was the quality of the photos, so I went out and bought a jumbo pack of high gloss photo paper. I currently think I'm obsessed with photo paper, I just love it. The look, the feel how it makes my photos look in my room! ahhhh, I don't think I'll ever print photos on regular paper again... To hang up my pictures at first I was going to use command stripes, but they come pretty expensive if your planing on buying a lot like I was. Instead I went the cheaper route and used simple clear packing tape and a little gift wrapping tape for the small corners, as so far it holds up nicely.

 There are so many ways you can spice up your inspiration wall. You can take some of your Instagram photos and print them out. You can frame some of the pictures to add a little dimension to the wall. Another idea is to just create a random collage with real photos, magazine photos, cutouts of newspapers, life achievements etc.  I love my wall, I find myself waking up and just staring at it. I hope this inspires some of you to go out and create your own inspiration wall.

until next time xoxo

Burlap Covered Memo Cork Board

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I went searching the web for really cute cork boards to buy and well I didn't find any I like that were a reasonable price, so I decided to make one. I needed a place to post my outfit ideas, important notes, etc. I am so In love with the board. I actually want to make other ones with different colors. I don't what I would do with all of them but I'll find a use. This project is really easy if you already have a cork board at home. Lets Get Started!!!

What you will need:
Cork Board (any size)
Staple Gun
Burlap Fabric (enough to fit the cork board) 

Lay the Burlap Fabric Face Down and the cork board face down on top of the Fabric
Now Fold in The Edges and get to Stapling!!!
**Its better to use a memo board with a wood border so the staples have something to attach to:)**

If you have extra fabric on the side just trim it down. Also make sure to leave space on the corners so you can still hang the memo 
board up. 

The back should end up looking a little like this!

                          End Result!

Hope you enjoyed this really easy DIY Memo Board! Let me know what fabric you chose or if you have some cool ideas for memo boards!

Until Next Time XOXO<3

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