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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring Cute Finds from Target Dollar Spot


So I know most of us love target. I mean who wouldn't, their stuff is amazingly cute and lets face it you get sucked in every time. Well I decided to pick up a few nick-nacks to put around the house for the spring.

The first buy was this cute floral print picture frame with a gold border. I really like how sturdy and durable the frame is and the best part of it all it was only 3 dollars. It goes perfectly with my soft pink/yellow/blue floral theme.

The next amazing steal that I got were these adorable small spring time pillows. There was only 4 left and I bought 3. I definitely wish I would of gotten the fourth one because that's how cute these are. They match my decor perfectly and they were only 5 dollars each. That's a great price for a pillow with designs and words.

The next thing I got was this baby blue medium size dish. I knew I needed something for my everyday body and face products so when I saw this I was so excited. I wish they had a white one but I love the pop of color the blue one gives off.

 I also found another little dish that wasn't in the dollar spot but it was in the clearance section. I've been using this dish to hold my rings. I also bought my mom one so that she could hold her jewelry. Small cute dishes are a great way to store and display your jewelry.