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Yaasmeen Haseena 

I grew up in bright sunny Arizona in 1992, where the sun shines basically 24/7. I've always had a passion for writing ever since I could remember and that passion slowly grew into blogging. I wanted to start a blog all about the lifestyle of the young woman. I don't have any children so my life is different from a mommy blog. Organizing and cleaning are my favorite topics but I also have a love for food( actually just appetizers), and beauty and of course a few random tips.

I started blogging in 2014 and my first post was "ways lemon can help your skin" I remember sitting down and writing that first post and taking the pictures and feeling absolutely amazing. I ended up deleted that first blog I had and starting fresh on blogger.

I had a few names I won't mention because honestly they were not the best names one of them was notebook nut, I know I know, don't laugh. I eventually came up with stylemebright. After having stylemebright for a few years the worst thing happened. I went to delete a google email I had, turns out the email was connected to every google account I had and I didn't even realize it. After I deleted the google account my blog went with it. Honestly the saddest day ever. but I'm back and starting new again.

I have so many fun ideas and helpful tips in store for you all. I can't wait for this fun adventure!