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Hello! Hmmm where should I start... Lets start with the basics! I'm Yaasmeen! Ta-Dah! I'm just the girl behind the blog. I love shopping shopping and more shopping. If I'm not doing that I'm organizing or rearranging something. I love anything WHITE & MARBLE, it's definitely an obsession. I started my blog to share things that I love and I just fell in love with it more and more. I can eat Italian food every day (bread sticks are my weakness) I'm addicted to buying office supplies (and I'm not afraid to say it) oh and BTW I live in hot sunny Arizona.

My blog is definitely a reflection of me. It's personal, yet public. My thoughts, my opinions I share like an online diary. For the longest time I would piece together outfits and pin them on my wall. I would create scrapbooks that were layouts similar to blogging. It's always been inside of me just waiting to burst out, and I'm so glad and thankful I'm able to have a personal outlet to share everything that pops up in this head of mine.

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