5 Things I Wish I Knew In My Early 20's

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This year I will be 26 years old which means I am going to be a little more than halfway through my 20's which is so crazy to think about! It feels like just yesterday I was 19 and running around my college campus. But this has given me time to think about all the things I wish I knew or did when I was in my early 20's. I wish I had a me when I was younger to guide me to things I wish I knew now.


1. Dabble In a Few Internships [ Get Experience]

OMG! I so so wish I interned or got experience in multiple career fields. I think when your just starting out in college this is the perfect time to try different careers, to see what you might like. What you love at 19 or 21 could not be the same when you get 25. So having that experience can go a long way when your job hunting a little later in life. Most jobs want you to know a little about the career your stepping into, so INTERN INTERN INTERN LOL!


2. Plan your financial student loans [Seek Help & Advice]

Make sure that whatever loans you apply for, you understand them fully. I think at 18 going into college I had no idea what a loan really was or was I was signing. Most of us need loans to pay for college unless you can get grants or scholarships, then that's great. Never be afraid to ask someone who knows about loans and to help you decide. 

3. Enjoy Living in the Dorms [If Your In College]

I feel like when i was living in the dorms I was so home sick. It was just the fact that I didn't live in my room or my old house anymore that really got to me. I enjoyed having freedom and hanging out with my friends but I was still home sick at night. But i think that's part of growing and sometimes you just have to roll with it and enjoy it. i wish i would have enjoyed that experience a lot more. There's nothing like having "free" room and board and endless activities and free time. 

4. Be Fearless

Don't care about what others say or think about you. this is your life and you can live it anyway you want. There is no set rules to life. be fearless, take risks and just be your true self. 

5. Keep A Good Job Record

Keeping good references with employees or teachers can be a benefit for you in the future. Always keep lines of communication open and clear. You never know when you might want to apply for an internship or a job. Having creditable people to reference you is always a good sign. 


Hope this helps anyone with there early 20's. Or if your in your mid or late 20's whats some advice you would give to others or your younger self?

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until next time xoxo

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