Hello 2018!


I have been in a space lately where I want to focus solely on ME! Yaasmeen, The young motivated blogger who is writing this blog post. 

I have spent my entire early 20's (wow early 20's, that's weird to say) but anyways, I have spent my entire early 20's from 18 to now focusing on everyone else and pleasing them. And honestly I want to focus on me. So I'm calling 2018 Year Of Self In my book of life. 

I am so proud of the things I've accomplished in 2017 and I would be no where without God by my side and there is so many more goals I want to cross off my list. As you mature you start to see how important your time is and how there's so many avenues in life you want to explore. 

I want to take this year and (the rest of my life) on becoming the best version of myself. When you are constantly giving you tend to loose a sense of yourself and have to take a step back and re-evaluate is this working for you. 

You will never know, unless you try right?! 

I'm challenging myself to go out there and discover who I am and I'm also challenging you guys. Go out there and discover who you are the the things you love and the things you hate.

The journey of life is so fun and so rewarding, we learn something new everyday!  #yearofself

What are some things you guys want to focus on in 2018? Let me know in the comments below


Happy Reading