Stay Hydrated! | DIY Water Station


Staying hydrated is an important part of having that healthy glowing skin. But honestly staying hydrated and reaching for water instead of a fruit juice can be challenging. I find that having easy access to something makes you more perceptible to doing it. Actually seeing your water on display is a visual reminder to grab a bottle before you head out or drink a bottle before bed.  


Having a water station doesn't have to be complex. It can simply be a container with water next to your bed.



I like adding my water to decortaive containers, like this metal one with a handle or this wire basket. There are so many fun ways to display your water station, just have to find the right one to fit you. 



Tips On Staying Hydrated 

1. Always Have Water On Hand

2. Make Infused Water Using Lemons,Strawberries Or Any Fruit You Like 

3. Keep A Log Of How Much Water Your Drank Today

4. Drink Water Out Of A Cute Water Bottle You Like


Hope This Helps! Let Me Know Of Any Tips You Use


Happy Reading!