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I know growing up Saturdays were cleaning days . I remember my mom cleaning so many areas of the house and having us clean some. As I've gotten older I have continued to clean the same way I use to when I was growing up. There is always been certain products I use daily and some new products  that work really well. I wanted to share with you what I use to clean the different areas of my house and hopefully give you some ideas of what to use in your house.

I must say I am a product junkie, meaning I love cleaning products or anything related to cleaning. I love picking up new sponges when I go the store or just walking down the cleaning isle to see whats new. I have also tried so many different cleaning tools like mops and brooms so I have a fairly good knowledge of what works and what doesn't.


For the bathroom I like to stick to stuff I know is going to work and is also going to disinfect. I feel like the bathroom is one of those places that should always stay clean because its where you start your day in the morning and end it at night.

I like to use comet for inside the toilet, it does a great job at cleaning and making sure there is no ring.

Method Toilet Bowl Cleaner
I also like to use the method toilet bowl cleaner as well. Its more like a light clean.

Bleach Water
For the outside and around the toilet I use diluted bleach water. When I was a preschool teacher we used bleach water in our bathrooms to clean and ever since then I always have used it to disinfect.

Method Daily Shower Cleaner
I've recently started using this cleaner and I love it. It works so well for cleaning out the shower and tub. I just spray it on and use a brush to scrub and a cloth to rinse and wipe it away.

Method Anti Bacterial
I like to scrub the sink with this antibacterial spray. It cleans really well and I sometimes use it on the outside of the toilet as well.

My go to window cleaner has always been Windex. I have tried some other ones but I always end up going back to Windex. It just leaves my mirrors and windows streak free and the smell isn't as potent as other cleaners.


Mrs Meyers Multi Purpose Spray
Mrs Meyers has a great collection of different scents from basil to rose to their seasonal scents. I like using their products in the kitchen because they work really well and leave a great scent.

Bleach Water
I also use bleach water on the counters occasionally especially if I cooked meats or raw eggs.

Dawn Soap
for heavy duty dishes cleaning I like dawn soap. I can buy a large size that will last a while and it cleans pans really well. Especially when you have cooked scrambled eggs.

Mopping - Method Floor Cleaner, for mopping the floors I like to use Method floor cleaner. It works really well and I can either spray it in with my mop water or just add it directly to the floor. I prefer adding it to my mop water.
Vacuum- I like to use baking soda mixed with a little essential oils for the carpet.

  1. Grab a container with baking soda
  2. Add a few drops of essential oil 
  3. Shake It up
  4. Sprinkle on carpet
I hope you enjoyed me sharing with you how what I use to clean my house and hopefully you got some inspiration to clean your house and try some of these products. Let me know what are some products you like to use to clean your house.

until next time

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