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We all know about setting goals in January, as we call it, new years resolutions! But what about the rest of the year. Are you still working towards those goals? Are you goals being met? Do you have new goals? For me around this time (Back To School Time) is perfect to look at my goals list and really figure out am I working towards them, and to add any new goals I want to accomplish before the year is up.

Even though I'm not in school, back to school time just always puts me in a productive goal setting mood. I think seeing all the children buying back to school supplies and ready to take on a new school year is very motivating. August is like the start of a new year after summer.
This month is also so refreshing for me on a personal level also because its my birthday month, what better time to set goals then when you reach an age milestone.


I find that when you actually write down goals they subconsciously are in your mind. Even if you think writing down my goals does nothing. It does! Your mind thought of a goal and you wrote it down so now everyday you can make steps to achieving those goals.

I always say set realistic goals. Or of you have a large goal, set small goals to reach the larger goal so along the way you feel more accomplished and motivated to keep going. An example would be wanting to get a bachelors degree. That's a goal that takes time but along the way you want to stay motivated and inspires. so a small goal could be to get an a in a certain class or take full time courses instead of part time something to keep you going until you reach that degree.

STORY TIME: I remember being a manager/ director was a huge career goal of mine and it took some time but along the way I set small goals to reach the larger goal. I took some courses, I took initiative at work, I networked with people in my career field. Eventually I landed a director job and accomplished my goal. Sometimes its taking those small bites that get you to your goal.

I say all this to say. setting goals is so important in your life. You feel accomplished and fulfilled and that's what we want.

Because It's my birthday month I wanted to give you guys a gift of a free goals printable so you can get started on setting goals and being productive. Even though 2020 has been a rough year there is still a future.

So happy planning and lets go out there and be productive.

FREE PRINTABLE BELOW! (just right click, save and print)

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