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The one thing I love about jewelry organization is how pretty it looks. I love being organized but I also love when things are just aesthetically pleasing. I have been looking for a pretty acrylic jewelry organizer for months and It took me forever to finally find one that I liked that wasn't extremely expensive. I found this jewelry organizer on Amazon, and it is by far my favorite jewelry organizer I have had. 


The appearance is so pretty. It has a has hard acrylic outside and the inside is a soft velvet beige. That was another hard thing for me to find, a beige interior. A lot of acrylic organizers have a black interior and I'm just not a fan of that.


The quality is extremely well made and sturdy. Honestly when I first put it up I was shocked at how sturdy and solid this jewelry organizer was. The acrylic and interior fabric feel and look well made.


It has different drawers for different accessories. I love the functionality of a good drawer, it allows me to really be able to organize my stuff. There's a drawer for rings. one with dividers, one with mini dividers for small earrings and another large drawer at the bottom for maybe watches or bracelets. 

Let me know how do you guys organize your jewelry in the comments. 


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