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Hey Friends! I hope everyone is doing well. I recently placed an order with Grove Collaborative because I really wanted to try the Caldrea products, that I've heard so many great things about. Once I got to the site I was just overly excited about all the cleaning/household products they have. I am such a cleaning junkie. I can literally walk down the cleaning aisle and get excited about new brooms or sponges, its ridiculous.

Grove collaborative also has a subscription service if you opt in for it and they can send you your products either monthly, every other month or whatever you choose. Its nice to have a box sent to you with your favorites or things to want to try. if you don't  want to have a subscription you can just shop like a normal website.

So I just want to share with you what products I got and my overall experience and what products I love. It was probably the easiest site to manage through. You sign up with your information and go to whatever category your looking to buy, whether that's counter sprays, wipes, laundry, soaps etc. Its all there at the tip of your fingers. I was even able to buy mama earths perineal spray for my after birth, so now I can just add it to my hospital bag and not worry about it. I even got bonus products at the end.

The one plus I loved was that if I spent a certain amount I got some bonus products for free. This is such a great incentive especially if you want to try a new products they have. and to top it off I loved the personalized touch by adding "stay healthy Yaasmeen!" on my box. Very sweet touch.

My favorite products so far have been the Caldrea gilded balsam birch counter spray. It has more of a manly scent to me, but it smells amazing and remind me of a luxury bathroom every time I clean it. I also really like the Grove Collaborative sponges. I'm picky about my sponges because I wasn't them to not shred or look gross after a few uses and I've used these for a week or two now and they have held up nicely and still look and smell normal. Overall I really enjoy all the products and Method and Mrs Meyers never fail when it comes to cleaning products!


Caldrea Linen and Room Spray (Sea Salt Neroli)
Caldrea Counter Spray (Gilded Balsam Birch)
Method Daily Shower Cleaner
Earth Mama Organics Perineal Spray
*Mrs Myers Multi Surface Cleaner (Fresh Cut Grass)
*Mrs Meyers Hand Soap (Fresh Cut Grass)
*Mrs Meyers Dish Soap (Fresh Cut Grass)
*Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle +Window Cleaner Concentrate
*Grove Collaborative Scrubber/Sponges.

*These are a few of the perk items I received for free with my order

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