Monday, April 13, 2020

This show is so fun to watch if you like home decor and DIY projects. Chip and Joanna Gaines have so many great ideas for these homes in Texas and they always come out amazing. With Chip's funny humor and obsession with #DEMODAY and Joanna's charming personality and great sense of design these two are just a great duo to watch. I am so obsessed with this show.\

This show follows around a young doctor living in New York and all the things she goes through with her career, love life, and family .It is such a feel good show and gives me young sex and the city vibes.

This show is so funny but also filled with suspense as these characters try to figure out what has happened to them and where they are. They are constantly running into problems and finding ways to fix them.

I came across this show on accident when I was bored one day. I saw the first episode and was forever hooked. Its about the life of these single parents with all different stories that help each other is many ways. It's a funny comedy that will keep you laughing and intrigued.

I saw online that Tahj Mowry was going to be in a new show so I just had to see it. Then when i started watching it I couldn't stop. If your looking for a funny comedy this is it. Three roommates are trying to raise on the the roommates babies and it just shows all the things they have to go through with scheduling and still balancing everyday life.

This is such a drama filled show but also funny. It's based off the movie 4 weddings and a funeral, but I've never seen it. But it definitely has a more up to date modern feel when it comes to the characters. As these old college friends start to hang out again so much drama is a bout to fill their lives.

Living single is one of those old 90's classics. These girls/ roommates all with different careers are living life in New York city single and ready to mingle. This show goes through their lives and with many funny and typical things we all go through. Definitely one of my favorites that I remember my parents watching when I was younger.

This show to me is such a typical cartoon with a man who owns a burger shop with a wife and 3 kids. As bob is a struggling restaurant owner is wife is such a funny positive upbeat lady who can't stop singing and the kids are always up to something. The characters are funny in their own way. I really like this show and I'm not a big cartoon person.


The most drama filled/ feel good show I've ever watched. This show is about 2 sisters who go off to live on their own with an unexpected living situation. There both very smart girls who just end up having a lot of drama in their life when it comes to their jobs, love life and living arrangement. Every episode is new drama filled with new suspense and it makes you come back for more and more.

Blackish always gives me that fun family feel whenever I watch it. Dre who is a marketing advertiser and his doctor wife and raising all their children and going through life trying to balance it all. Each character has their own personality and that makes the show even better. A very funny show for the whole family to watch for sure.

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