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Finding your jean match can be hard. TRUST ME! I have tried on so many jeans, from so many brands and not one pair fits the same. I've found jeans I liked from jcpenny, levi, target, fashion nova etc. When it comes to finding jeans that fit you, you have to first know your body type and what parts look flattering to you. Then when you go in the store or shopping, you know exactly what jeans not to go for.


 I know for me because I have hips and curves, but also have larger thighs than my waist. I don't look good in wide leg jeans or anything with a flappy bottom. So right away when I go in a store I go to the slim fit section for jeans. I like my jeans tailored at the bottom or snug.


One thing I noticed is that jeans that are usually my size tend to have a large waist size so It makes my crotch area and stomach not flattering. So I have to be careful with the cut of the jeans and making sure they have a more stretch material so that it hugs my waist and other areas and doesn't make me look bulgy in the wrong areas.


Another way to determine your style is do you like dark wash or light wash. I like dark wash over anything else. Dark wash for me adds a more slimming look when I don't want my thighs to look larger and light wash jeans give me a more larger look. When I do buy lighter wash jeans the cut has to cut my curves nicely in order to look appealing. I do have these boyfriend cut light wash jeans with a few holes in them that I don't mind wearing because I like the look. So again find what looks good on your body and with certain styles

I always say shop around and always try on different jean brands because you never know what fits you and what looks not so good

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