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One thing I enjoy more than anything is having an organized space and also organizing a space. I decided to revamp my office drawers with more clear organizers. I went on a little hunt for some affordable acrylic drawer organizers, but then I came across these clear organizers, and I had to get them. I have these same organizers in pink and also turquoise they are from michaels and they work amazing! They recently came out with clear organizers and I bought every single one in the aisle, honestly. I was so excited to get my hands on these. They are so affordable and I even had a 20 percent discount which made it even better.

In my current office I use the ikea drawers and they have held up nicely for years. They fit these michaels organizers perfectly, like if they were made for them.

I'll take you on a tour of how I organized my drawers and what things I keep inside of them.

I try to keep items I'm going to use often at the top and the least often items closer to the bottom. I use to label every section, but I like having the option to always move any drawer anywhere I may need it, without relabeling them.

I think my favorite drawer is my pens and also my labeling drawer. The pens just line up so nicely in the drawer organizers. I love seeing the different colors and they all look so uniform, I just love it.

I also love the labeling drawer because my label maker fits nice and snug inside and I can keep extra label paper in the same drawer. My got my label maker off of amazon, It's my favorite one and it has so many different labels you can get with it. Its so convenient that everything can fit together in this drawer.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little organization and I'm hoping for more organization in the near future so be on the look for that.

 Until next time xoxo

Small Clear Divider Trays 

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