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If you follow me on instagram. You know I announced my pregnancy finally Yay!. I really have enjoyed keeping it to myself. I think somethings are nice to just enjoy and have it be our little secret. So I'm finally happy to share it with everyone else and talk about. Man has pregnancy been a little journey. I literally thought I would be and feel the same and just get a baby bump. There's a few things you experience that you just don't expect to so I'm here to share them with you.

Firs things first omg I was so emotional, probably abut everything and kind of still am lets be honest. I remember crying because I really wanted the last bit of some food and someone ate it and I felt like everything was over. I was so emotional about it, ow that I think about it, its hilarious but definitely not at the time. I now only a few months away and I do feel like my emotions has calmed down a little.

I've always heard about morning sickness but thankfully I didn't have that I just didn't have an appetite at all. Like I was just not hungry ever. I actually ended up losing weight at the beginning of my pregnancy because I just wasn't ever hungry. I would literally go out and buy a whole salad and take two bites and just be done. I hated food. But I'm back to normal but It did take some time. I was snacking bite by bite through out the day because the thought of a full meal was just disgusting.

I literally had no energy. I was so tired all the time. I've kind of read about this one but I didn't expect it to hit me like it did. Everyday after work I wanted to just come home and lay down. I was so tired. And now being past half way I'm still a little tired so I've recently cut back my hours at work because I'm to exhausted.

I never knew the growing process would be so uncomfortable at times. The stretching, pulling feeling down there is not fun and It caught me by surprise. I'm not itchy or anything like that (I make sure my stomach is moisturized at all times) but every few weeks I can feel my stomach stretching and ouch is all I will say.

Last but certainly not least my entire mindset has changed. I feel like every decision I make is for my baby. It's such a selfless feeling and I just couldn't picture myself this way. So that has definitely been a change but a good change overall

I hope you all have enjoyed 5 things I've experienced in my pregnancy so far. Maybe this will help you or maybe your going through it also. Leave me a comment and let me know any of your experiences. until next time xoxo

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