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I can not tell you how long I've been working on my studio. I've changed it so many times and had to rearrange so many time and lets be honest it probably wont be the last time. I love a space where I can create and feel comfortable and have every thing I need all in one space. Originally this room started out as my bedroom because I loved the natural light and it has it's own separate bathroom which makes it feel like a little mini master suite. As time went on sleeping and trying to work in the same room was becoming a challenge so now this is officially my studio/ office space.

I always try and go with white when it comes to rooms, because I like the option to change the style anytime I feel like it. I also feel like white adds so much light to a room which is prefect for me when I'm taking pictures. I am pretty obsessed with Palm springs and how pretty and colorful it is, but also desert life, which I'm totally use to. I wanted my studio to feel like a little palm springs oasis (without the awesome pool unfortunately).

When it comes to furniture, yes I'm that person that gets everything from ikea. But in my defense its affordable, easy to put together and just all around great furniture, when you pick the right pieces.

Office spaces and studios are my favorite spaces to decorate or organize. There's so much room to be creative and explore and just think outside the box. Since this is a rental I didn't want to go to crazy but when I own, it will be spectacular. I knew I had to have a tv with every streaming services available. My roku player has become my best friend while I work.


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