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Mornings can be a struggle, especially if your not a morning person. I love the mornings! It's the most quiet, peaceful time of day. If your not a morning person or even if you are but you want some tips on having a better morning then I'm your girl.

1. One things that helps with having a better morning is taking a shower right when you wake up. Starting the day with a fresh clean shower is the best feeling. You get a chance to relax, wake up and open your pores. Its the best!!!

2. Right when you wake up let in light. Open up those curtains and let in any light there may be. Even if its dark still open the curtains and maybe let in some fresh air.

3. This one I have been doing for a while now, and that is doing a light morning clean up. If I have any trash or dishes or anything out of place in my space in the morning. I quickly clean it up, so I start my day with a clean space and mind.

4. Develop a morning routine. Whether that's starts with a morning read or making yourself some coffee or tea. Create a simple morning routine and stick to it for 21 days. That's way you always have a set thing you want to do or get done.

5. Set blocks of time to get stuff done. Instead of saying at 7:30 I'm going to brush my teeth and get ready say from 7:00-8:00 I'm going to do personal hygiene/ get ready then you can say 8:00-9:00 self reflection/ breakfast/ or anything you want to add in that block of time. that way if give you an hour to achieve what you need to get done.

6. If you have time in the morning, do a morning stretch or exercise. getting the body moving and pumped for the day is going to start you out on the right foot for a good day.

7. If your going to work create a good play list for the drive. Having some good tunes or a podcast you enjoy is a great way to start a commute or just the drive to work.

8. If your driving make sure your driving in a clean organized car. When I know I'm going anywhere I feel 10 times better knowing my car is clean and organized for a new day.

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