Sunday, May 5, 2019

Hello Everyone! 

So as you know, if youve read my blog post titled [  ]  then you know i accidently deleted my blog when i was trying to delte something else. I was so frustrsted but im going to be trying to upload all my old blog posts so they are available for you. So please keep a look out on those.

Recently ive been trying to find a scheudle that works for me because i have had so many life changes in the past few months. I kind of sort of moved but I still have my office that I really don't get any time in any more. I have been extremly busy at work with my new promotion and handling an entire staff. So work-life balance has been a bit of a struggle lately. I'll be back to normal hopefully quickly.

I have to say I miss blogging/writing. Its such a theraputic outlet for me and not having it has been rough.

Let me know how your life has been going? Are you busy? Vacations etc.

Until next time

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