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Writers block and feeling completely unmotivated has been at an all time high for me. Since last year actually. I haven’t found that topic that draws my interest and keeps me going. It’s definitely a struggle that I’m currently working through. It’s one of those things I never read about. Most people make it seem like coming up with content is the easiest thing in the world but uhh not always.

When I write I have to be completely in love with the topic and the picture content that follows it. I sometimes find myself so picky and wanting to be a perfectionist I will not upload a post due to the lack of Picture quality.

So for me having this lack of motivation combined with my perfectionist side of wanting my pictures to look a certain way has been the hardest struggle. Let’s just be real, you want to create content you love. Right?
 But also content that others will find intriguing. I have been slowly writing but as the ideas comes to my head. You may have noticed no content lately but this sort of thing takes time. I want whatever I write to have meaning and substance to you as well as myself. I’ve pulled out a few writing prompt tools that hopefully help get my creative juices flowing.

I’ve had these writing prompts for a while but have never used them. But it’s a perfect time for everything I assume. If your struggling with writers block know that your not alone and to keep working at it. Sometimes your may need a break or a mini vacation to let your mind just wonder and be free.

 One thing I had to tell my self was, your blog is unique to you so make content that you love and that your proud of and continue to relax and let The ideas flow in. So put your feet up, take a weekend to explore your city. Hang with friends and family. Because currently I'm in the same boat.

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