Thursday, October 17, 2019

I love wearing my hair straight. Its so much fun to try different styles when it comes to my hair being straight. But on some days your hair may need a little refresh. Since I don't wash my hair everyday, because I have curly hair. My hair stays straight for a week to 2 weeks sometimes and as it gets older it needs a little pick me up.

I never knew what dry shampoo was until I saw someone use it on YouTube and I just had to try it for myself. I don't know where I've been with out it. When my hair is getting old i just spray a little dry shampoo on my roots and a little on my hair and my hair is non-greasy and bouncy again.

The brand I use is Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Dry Shampoo and It's the only shampoo I tried but It works wonders for my hair.




Monday, October 14, 2019

I can not tell you how long I've been working on my studio. I've changed it so many times and had to rearrange so many time and lets be honest it probably wont be the last time. I love a space where I can create and feel comfortable and have every thing I need all in one space. Originally this room started out as my bedroom because I loved the natural light and it has it's own separate bathroom which makes it feel like a little mini master suite. As time went on sleeping and trying to work in the same room was becoming a challenge so now this is officially my studio/ office space.

I always try and go with white when it comes to rooms, because I like the option to change the style anytime I feel like it. I also feel like white adds so much light to a room which is prefect for me when I'm taking pictures. I am pretty obsessed with Palm springs and how pretty and colorful it is, but also desert life, which I'm totally use to. I wanted my studio to feel like a little palm springs oasis (without the awesome pool unfortunately).

When it comes to furniture, yes I'm that person that gets everything from ikea. But in my defense its affordable, easy to put together and just all around great furniture, when you pick the right pieces.

Office spaces and studios are my favorite spaces to decorate or organize. There's so much room to be creative and explore and just think outside the box. Since this is a rental I didn't want to go to crazy but when I own, it will be spectacular. I knew I had to have a tv with every streaming services available. My roku player has become my best friend while I work.



Wednesday, October 2, 2019

ITS FINALLY HERE! I've had an etsy shop for a while now but I haven't put much time into it. I recently decided to share more of my content with my fellow organizers out there. Ever since I could remember I loved writing in journals and having planners and just organizing my life. I use to always keep track of my expenses, things I needed to do etc. I came out with a stationary/ printable pdf shop to help others who also have a love for getting their life on track.

Just like my blog, my etsy shop is my baby. I love creating content that I actually use. I've been using these printable worksheets for years. Over time I've definitely tweaked and changed somethings to suite my lifestyle and I hope they can serve as a great resource for you.

I know sometimes getting started with organizing and planning can be hard or challenging but in the end it is so worth it to be able to look back on what your spending and what your saving. I recently have been helping my mom keep track of her budgeting and it has made such a difference with her knowing how much she is spending monthly and yearly. Its really a positive way to shine light on your expenses.



Saturday, September 21, 2019

Mornings can be a struggle, especially if your not a morning person. I love the mornings! It's the most quiet, peaceful time of day. If your not a morning person or even if you are but you want some tips on having a better morning then I'm your girl.

1. One things that helps with having a better morning is taking a shower right when you wake up. Starting the day with a fresh clean shower is the best feeling. You get a chance to relax, wake up and open your pores. Its the best!!!

2. Right when you wake up let in light. Open up those curtains and let in any light there may be. Even if its dark still open the curtains and maybe let in some fresh air.

3. This one I have been doing for a while now, and that is doing a light morning clean up. If I have any trash or dishes or anything out of place in my space in the morning. I quickly clean it up, so I start my day with a clean space and mind.

4. Develop a morning routine. Whether that's starts with a morning read or making yourself some coffee or tea. Create a simple morning routine and stick to it for 21 days. That's way you always have a set thing you want to do or get done.

5. Set blocks of time to get stuff done. Instead of saying at 7:30 I'm going to brush my teeth and get ready say from 7:00-8:00 I'm going to do personal hygiene/ get ready then you can say 8:00-9:00 self reflection/ breakfast/ or anything you want to add in that block of time. that way if give you an hour to achieve what you need to get done.

6. If you have time in the morning, do a morning stretch or exercise. getting the body moving and pumped for the day is going to start you out on the right foot for a good day.

7. If your going to work create a good play list for the drive. Having some good tunes or a podcast you enjoy is a great way to start a commute or just the drive to work.

8. If your driving make sure your driving in a clean organized car. When I know I'm going anywhere I feel 10 times better knowing my car is clean and organized for a new day.


Thursday, September 5, 2019

Hello friends, so honestly I've done one of these a long time ago so I figured its time to do a new updated one and let you guys get to know me a little.  Okay, here we go!

-I use to love wearing color all day, everyday. but not really anymore
-I love wearing neutral colors they are my favorite and go with everything.
-I'm a little obsessed with palm springs
-I want two cats but I can't stand the way animals smell
-I don't think I could survive in the snow that's why I live in the desert
-I love people who smile. Smiles just bring joy
-I love fresh flowers! Preferably white
-English was my favorite class in every grade. I was an English nerd.
-I love taking on many tasks at once, this can be a good and bad thing
-I am a true Leo and I'm proud of it
-I'm still in the process of re-branding my blog
-I'm not a big sports fan but I can make some bomb appetizers
-One of my favorite movies is 27 dresses
-If i can live anywhere it would be a cute cottage in sedona, az

leave me some random facts about you in the comments below. I would love to get to know you more. 

until next time


Monday, September 2, 2019

Sometimes you just need a soft, warm taco and these turkey tacos are perfect for summer! I've made these a few times for myself and family and they are so good and have so much flavor.


Corn Street Taco Shells
Ground Turkey
Old Bay Seasoning
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Grated Cheese
Green Leaf Lettuce or Cilantro


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I think we all have to find that one thing in life that works for us. For me, I feel overwhelmed and stressed when I have to many unnecessary things. By things, I mean that could be tasks to complete, physical objects, or even people. At a certain point you have to ask yourself. Do I Need This? and How Is This Benefiting Me?

I've asked myself this questions plenty of times when it comes to decisions in life or even things I want to get rid of. I only want to keep things that are of value and make me better or just happy. I use to have tons of notebooks. Some notebooks I never even wrote in. Fun fact at one point my blog was called "The Notebook Nut" because literally that's what I was. I was keeping things that I never used. And sure I can always use notebooks to write in but It started to become more of a, I'm going to collect these. Then I had to ask myself, well why?

What were keeping this notebooks doing, taking up space. If I'm not going to use them why have them. Ever since I gave those notebooks away and really thought about it I realized I feel more at peace and less stressed when I only have things that I need. I'm not constantly trying to find a place for something that doesn't fit.

I started applying that same logic to everything. I wanted to make sure everything I did was for a reason and that it could add value and peace to my life. When I decided that I wanted to move up in my career I started taking the appropriate steps. Steps that would lead me to where I wanted to be. And I'm definitely not saying that life has to be calculated, but by taking away things I didn't need I was able to explore the things I always wanted and needed.

This easiest way to start to de-clutter is to begin in a place where you spend the most time. I love my office/studio, so I started there. I got rid of unused items and labeled everything, so that I knew what I had, had a place. Cleaning up your space can really change how you start your day or even how you view life.

I say find an area in your life where you want to de-clutter and just get rid of anything that is a stressor or causes you to not live to your full potential.

until next time


Monday, March 25, 2019

Writers block and feeling completely unmotivated has been at an all time high for me. Since last year actually. I haven’t found that topic that draws my interest and keeps me going. It’s definitely a struggle that I’m currently working through. It’s one of those things I never read about. Most people make it seem like coming up with content is the easiest thing in the world but uhh not always.

When I write I have to be completely in love with the topic and the picture content that follows it. I sometimes find myself so picky and wanting to be a perfectionist I will not upload a post due to the lack of Picture quality.

So for me having this lack of motivation combined with my perfectionist side of wanting my pictures to look a certain way has been the hardest struggle. Let’s just be real, you want to create content you love. Right?
 But also content that others will find intriguing. I have been slowly writing but as the ideas comes to my head. You may have noticed no content lately but this sort of thing takes time. I want whatever I write to have meaning and substance to you as well as myself. I’ve pulled out a few writing prompt tools that hopefully help get my creative juices flowing.

I’ve had these writing prompts for a while but have never used them. But it’s a perfect time for everything I assume. If your struggling with writers block know that your not alone and to keep working at it. Sometimes your may need a break or a mini vacation to let your mind just wonder and be free.

 One thing I had to tell my self was, your blog is unique to you so make content that you love and that your proud of and continue to relax and let The ideas flow in. So put your feet up, take a weekend to explore your city. Hang with friends and family. Because currently I'm in the same boat.


Sunday, February 10, 2019

So, when I accidentally deleted my entire blog a few months ago. At first, I was extremely pissed, then sad, let’s just say it was a lot of emotions. I spent so much time putting work into style me bright that I didn’t know how or where to pick up the pieces.


 Style me bright started as an entirely different blog with a different name. I went through so many names before I found style me bright. It perfectly fit me! It was my style and who I was all fit into one word. Everyone always use to and still does tell me my personality is just happy and full and bright.

I combined my love of style aka lifestyle with something about myself, bright personality. Style can mean so many things, a fulfilling lifestyle, fashion style, music style, beauty style etc.

When I started my blog it was during a sad time in my life and I really needed a creative outlet. A place where I could write the things I love and share cool things that I’ve tried with everyone else. It was amazing and I loved it. It was just a side hobby. That was back in 2013-2014 I believe. Fast forward to now. I’ve had a few great opportunities to work with brands I love such as FOSSIL, which was absolutely amazing to me, because when I started working a fossil purse that cost my $70.00 was my first big purchase! I was a cranberry colored bag and I wore that thing all the time. I’ve also connected on social media with other bloggers and found out that there was an entire community. Long story kind of short, this mistake of accidently deleting my blog was just stressful and felt like the end of a time in my life.


I decided to figure out and really think what I wanted style me bright to be about. Did I want a simple Beauty, organization lifestyle blog etc. or a combination of all the things I love. Whether its food, lifestyle, brands, music, my personal views just everything under one platform. A mini online magazine if you will. That’s what this is! A mini online magazine where I’m the writer, creative director and all.

Style me bright. Yes, that’s me, and that’s the name. a place to come and enjoy great content and hopefully take something away with you.  A place to inspire you with food, lifestyle, brands, music, photography, art. This is the start of something new and something old. A combination of my likes and things I would love to share with you that you may like, as well as my thoughts and everything in between and the thoughts of others eventually.


I would love to have style me bright nickname SMB, be a place where other creative people can come and share things they love and their interest and all together a community of great content.
Let me start by saying WELCOME! and stay and enjoy and just be yourself. I hope you love the new layout. I absolutely love this magazine online style. By the wonderful web design odd themes that I found on Etsy.

Until next time 

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