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How To Organize Your Accessories | Shades, Jewelry

It's the little things that make organizing so fulfilling. Like taking a small tray and adding sunglasses! It's simple and you can see all your wonderful shades on display. If there is a way to mix organization with aesthetics I'm all for it. I found this small tray at target in the bathroom section. It actually came as a set with small bins on top of it. But I separated them and just used the tray.
Having my items on display helps me keep things at a minimum, and only keep the things I need and love. There is nothing wrong with having more, but the question is do I need more.

It goes to show you can take anything and turn it into an organization piece. Now for my jewelry I think I've talked about this before, but its a cute box system from the container store. Its heavy duty and acrylic. You can also add different levels or compartments to it. I'm fine with just my simple organizer/jewelry holder. (for now) I can't stay away from the container store.

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