5 Quick Tips To Help You Stay Organized

Monday, July 9, 2018

Hey Everyone!  I just wanted to come and share a few quick tips with you on organizing your life. Sometimes making that first initial step to a Better you is difficult and hard to stick to but practice makes perfect. Right? So keep going at it and organizing will be as simple as opening a bag of chips....yummy Funyuns! Anyways here's a few quick tips.


1. Make sure you have a place for your stuff at home. Whether it's a basket or drawer just have a designated place. Shoes need a shelf or a small cubbies. Or nicely lined up on the floor is great also. 


2. Whenever you are thinking of putting something in the wrong place. STOP! And make the effort in putting it back where it goes. It saves you time and a mess for later on. Always think to yourself, I'm going to feel much better entering back into a room the way I left it, clean and organized! 


3. Never go to sleep with clothes, shoes, paper etc. laying around. Do a quick pick up at night so when you wake up you will feel refreshed and not stressed. If you have stairs leave a basket at the bottom of the stairs for items that need to go upstairs and incorporate that into your night time routine.


4. Make a to do list and FOLLOW it, trust me they help. It can be simple like . Clean up dog poo. Wash the dishes. Sweep, take out trash. Just write down what you have to do and check it off as you complete it. I'll be doing a more detailed blog post about a to do list so stay in touch for that.


5. Last but not least. Just know that being organized leads to a more productive and stressed free day. 

I definitely have a lot more things coming and in the works. That I'm really excited for. Yay! I hope these few tips help you out. 

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