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June Ipsy Glam Bag & Review

This is my second time getting my Ipsy glam bag I also got the may package and really liked it, so when I received the second I thought I should do an honest review of how I like it. I think if you like getting small products to try before committing to a large purchase then this is right for you. I like that the items are small, so they can travel with me and also it gives me enough time to decide if I like it. I've enjoyed not having to buy a new mascara since ordering my ipsy glam bag because I received one in my may issue.

I am no, Beauty Blogger but I love skin care and cute lip colors and anything in between. I always thought the ipsy glam bag was only for makeup artist or girls who wear make up often. Come to find out I was totally wrong. When I went on their website, your bag is custom to the things you like. If you prefer skin care, masks, lip colors, skin tone etc. I was in total shock, how cool is that. My favorite part is everything is small and can travel with you everywhere, which comes in handy. And the best part if you like it, you can always purchase a full size product. Test before you commit to any product is always the best idea first.


The first thing I got was this cute little perfume, that smells amazing! I always get worried with scents because you never know what it will smell like on you but I really liked it and it travels in my purse with me everywhere. Lets be honest you never know when you might need a little refreshing.

I love a good hydrating lip balm especially one that smells like mint. This lip balm is very soft and the scent is very light.

I'm not always a big fan of nail polish, but I have to say this color is so pretty! You guys know I love my neutrals so I was very happy when I saw they sent this to me.

When It comes to blush I can be a little picky because whatever I use on my skin I want it to look the best and natural. I tried this blush on and it was very light and reminded me of a highlighter. Probably great for a summer glow look. The one thing I do love is this blush is vegan and gluten free!

This is actually my first mac product ever! crazy right, or maybe not. I've just never tried mac products in general. This is a pretty lip gloss over a nice lip stick with maybe a little eye liner. I'm such a simple girl that plain gloss or chap stick works for me. Definitely on a night/day out this would be a nice lip bonus.

If your more curious about ipsy check out their website link and maybe try it for a month. Enjoy!

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