I struggle at giving gifts

Thursday, June 7, 2018

It's true! I love giving gifts and wrapping them and making them all pretty. But honestly I struggle when It comes down to getting someone that special something. There's so many components to getting someone a gift,
what they need
what they like
what store to get it from
personal style etc.

so I always find myself stumped when it's time to give a gift. If your like me and you are struggling to get someone a gift. Go on their instagram, pinterest, visit them at home and just see what kinds of things they may like.

Social media is such a huge platform now days that everyone shares so much of what they like. From shoes brands to make up to what causes they are fighting for. Everyone has a personal niche that describes them.

If your looking to get someone a gift, my best advice is do your research. And if your not able to find a gift, gift cards are the next best thing!

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