Finding jeans to fit your curves

Sunday, June 10, 2018

I've always had the hardest time finding jeans to fit my curves. Growing up and while I was in high school and college I always shopped at either jcpenny's or sometimes old navy for my jeans. Those were the only places that had jeans that could fit me nicely without all the extra fabric in the stomach area.

I have a smaller waist and not a large stomach but larger hips and most jeans are not made to accommodate that size. So of course with the help of "instagram" I found fashion nova and well the rest is history hahah, no but seriously I cant rave enough about these pants/jeans.

Who knew jeans could become your best friend!

For all my curvy girls out there. I am all for fashion nova jeans/pants. I like anything with comfort and style. And the obvious, JEANS THAT FIT!

The great thing is fashion nova doesn't just have jeans they also have pants, 2 piece suits, dresses accessories etc. They even have a fashion nova curve line that goes up to size 3x, which is awesome! #girlpower

I've ordered these pants in white, blue and black. I've also ordered jeans from here as well and a 2 piece set. I'm just glad there are jeans out there that can hug your hips in all the right ways and still be stylish and affordable.

The one thing I did notice is my black pants faded fairly easily and I absolutely hate that, so I wouldn't recommend the black pants (and I've ordered them 3 times and they still fade) the white and blue have held up nicely.

If your in the market for some jeans to hug your curves I'd definitely check the out. Ill leave the link to my pants and the store so you can see for yourself.

Also let me know if there are any jeans that you wear that fit your body, and help a girl out.



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