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Friday, July 6, 2018

The internet world moves so fast sometimes you have to stay on the ball. Being a Blogger and being consistent is important, but for me creating quality content is what I love to do. I hate posting a organization post if I feel its doesn't work 100 percent for me. Whatever I put out I want to love reading it and love going back to it years later.


Maybe that's a problem, idk. I follow so many blogs and I'm always like geez (how do they post so much content). Maybe if I was blogging every single day I definitely could but I just have to get in the flow of things.

I just never want blogging to feel like a chore. I like when my ideas come naturally and I can sit on the computer and write for however long and think of creative pictures to take. That brings me more joy and happiness when I blog.

I'm still working on my blog post about why I started blogging, because when I started It was during a rough period in my life. It was my humble little nest where I could write and be creative.

Sometimes I feel the pressures to upload twice a day and be active and social 24/7. But in reality I miss and love the creative and truthful side to blogging. It was nice to sit down and read someones entire blog post that you know they put there heart into.

And well that's what I wanna do and be. Myself and creative. Consistent, YES! So the goal is to stay consistent, but stay myself and creative and make sure very post I create is one that I love and one that I would love to read.

Just some thoughts, hopefully this helps you and understand your not alone

Enjoy The rest of your week!

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