My Goals For 2018...

Thursday, February 1, 2018

I know I'm a little late, but I really had to dig deep and think about all the things I want to accomplish in 2018. So 2018 is here, time to bust out the pen and notepad and get to these goals I'm looking forward to accomplishing. Mostly my goals are personal goals. I wont be sharing all of my goals but some of them. I like to break my goals down into categories such as career, personal, financial. the goals I'm posting today are more personal goals or goals related to my blog. Here We Go.

Number 1.
Weight Loss, Yup I said It! Ugh I hate saying weight loss, but guys its true. I want to loose weight and just be more healthier activity wise. I look back on old pictures and I'm like "MAN!" Who is that girl? I love clothes and I want to feel my most comfortable in them. So weight loss is definitely my number one goal. 

Number 2.
Travel Travel Travel. I need to get out more and travel, even if its just for the weekend. Traveling and seeing a different environment really opens up your mind and creativity. So traveling more is definitely in the works. Now the only question is where to? hmm

Number 3. 
Consistency! It really is key. I have been trying my best to be consistent but sometimes its hard or I get unmotivated. But the goal is to stay consistent, and try to find those things that keep me motivated. I love giving helpful tips or doing a fun blog post. I just need to prioritize my time and get back on track. but I'm getting there. 

Number 4. 
Get off meat completely! So earlier in 2017, I became a vegetarian and felt great but slowly started to eat meat again. My ultimate goal is to not eat any meat and if I want protein there is always fish (I love Salmon) and also beans etc. This has been such an off and on again goal of mine since I keep reverting back to chicken, because that's my weakness. lol
Number 5.
Go Out More! I'm not talking about the club or bars or anything. But just out in general, restaurants, new stores, museums. Just go out and do things. Sometimes there's even free events in downtown or Tempe. I just need to go out and mingle and have a good time. Over the past year I have definitely become more of a home body and though there is nothing wrong with that. I would like to get out more and mingle and be social. Social events here I come, Hopefully (fingers crossed) 
These are just a few of my goals I'm sharing, but I'm sure in the near future I'll have more. I'm always adding goals throughout the year. Or I add short term goals. I'm curious at what some of your goals are, let me know in the comments? Maybe we share the same goal. #girlpower 

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