Jewlery Organization With The Container Store

Monday, February 19, 2018

There's nothing like getting new organization products that actually do their job. ORGANIZE! It took me a while to figure out different organization systems for my rings, bracelets, etc. I've tried decorative boxes, cute plates, pretty much anything you can think of.

I came across these amazing organization products ( At My Favorite Store Ever) perfect for my jewelry! Drum Roll Please....None other than THE CONTAINER STORE!

The container store has some of the best organization products from your office to your kitchen all the way to travel essentials.

The First Organizer I purchased was this white/wood necklace and bracelet holder. I saw It on the shelf and thought it was just perfect for the minimal amount of necklaces and bracelets I have.


The next organizing product was this acrylic drawer organizer. the good thing about this organizer is I can add multiple layers and make it and entire makeup/jewelry organizer. It's great for keeping all my studs in individual compartments. I even have a few other trinkets as well.

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