Are You A Morning Person?

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Mornings are my favorite part of the day! I love waking up early and seeing the sun come up and the birds chirping (as cliche as that sounds lol) It's just a beautiful time of day.

Sleeping in makes me feel so unproductive!! And I HATE that feeling. I feel more tired then I did before I even went to sleep. My body is always super drained and I feel like my morning passed me by.

I love my mornings! They are peaceful and it has a different feeling than In the afternoon. Through out the work week I wake up at 5am everyday. So when the weekend rolls around I feel bad sleeping past 8am. Its such a different feeling waking up early and getting your day started. Even if its just going to dutch bros and grabbing coffee. (I love dutch bros haha)

I also feel like we should make the most out of our days and by doing that is, WAKING UP EARLY! Making good use of your daylight is the greatest feeling. Then when night comes you can relax, go out to eat, whatever you want.

I find myself more productive during the daylight hours. Mornings are usually the time when I run errands, because the stores are not crowded. I wash my car, grocery shop etc. I just enjoy my mornings so much more than I did a few years ago.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

A Lifestyle Change?

Saturday, November 4, 2017

I made a conscious decision to start watching my health. And by watching my health I mean, really looking at the things I'm putting into my body. Whether its food, body care, products, and even water.
Most of the time I found myself eating to just have a meal, or to satisfy my hunger, but the food really had no nutritional value. It was just a filler!

I felt like CRAP...

I ate out quite a bit and that type of eating cost money, money that I definitely didn't have lol.
And the most important reason, I felt myself getting sicker and sicker. I was always tired and never wanted to do anything. I felt very unproductive and just not happy. On top of that I had gained weight that I was very unsatisfied about.

WHY clean eating you ask?

Cleaning eating to me is adding nutritional value to your body and not just stuffing it with a bowl of grease. the same way some people really value their car,  they put the best gas, always get oil changes, and keep the car clean and running properly is the same way you should treat your body.

when you actually realize that your body is the home where you essentially live 100 percent of the time and there's no leaving it, EVER!. you have to keep it clean and alive and developing. or else you are going to feel tired and restless and unproductive just like a broke down car.

There are so many books, and articles and research you can also do about cleaning eating, now I'm not saying I'm going vegan or anything, because I still think dairy is an essential part of our development. I'm just letting you know what works for me, and how It has impacted my life positively.

I've Tested IT!

I'm such a nerdy nerd that I had to give myself a test run to see how I felt when I ate fast food/ processed food versus natural food ,and let me tell you total difference!!!!

The week that I ate clean, I felt light and happy. I didn't wake up feeling stuffy or extremely sleepy. I had more energy throughout my day and I didn't have to rely on coffee 2 or 3 times a day. It was just natural energy.

Fast forward to eating fast food and going out to eat, and just snacking on chips I felt so sluggish and irritated all the time. My patients was horrible and I was always hot. On top of that my stomach may have had to much gas TMI (I know) but I'm trying to get my point across.

As much as I love to eat green leafy foods and beans and fresh wild caught fish. I have my days when I have a bag of cheetos and I'm not ashamed to say it. everything takes time and I am happy with my progress so far and where I'm at. yes I have weak days when I just want to binge watch my favorite show with every snack in the world, but its overcoming those weak days and making them stronger.

I hope to share more on my cleaning eating lifestyle and share some fun recipes and just hopefully help anyone one out there with cleaning up their bodies as I am doing the same thing myself.

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