Feeling Bored? 10 Ideas To Brighten Your Day!

Monday, October 2, 2017

1.Eat Something Healthy
Whenever I eat healthy I always feel 10 times better. I love fruits and vegetables. So sometimes putting together a little array of some tasty healthy foods you like is a great start to better your day.

2.Write A list of all the things you want to accomplish in life or for the day
I always like having a visual outline of all the things I want to accomplish in my day. It's so satisfying to check off all my items as I do them. So grab a cute notebook and make a to-do list

3.Take A Long Bath Or Shower
Sometimes refreshing yourself can make the biggest change in your mood. So grab your favorite bubbly bath and relax.

4. Listen To Music
I love listening to my favorite music. Sometimes It can even give you a little inspiration.

5.Take A Drive
One of my favorite things to do, honestly. Take a long drive around your city, and maybe even stop at a few stores. That always gives me time to clear my mind and listen to some of my favorite music.

6. Read a Book/Magazine
I love my home magazines. If I'm ever bored I enjoy going to the store to pick up my favorite snack and a few of my favorite magazines and get to reading or your favorite book.

7. Draw/Doodle
Get a sketch pad and doddle or draw whatever comes to mind.

8. Bake A Sweet Treat
This one is my Favorite! Bake something sweet like brownies or cupcakes. YUM YUM!

9. Ride/Rent A Bike
All over Tempe,AZ they have these really fun bike rentals. Go out and rent a bike and take a tour around the city. *They have bike rentals in a lot of cities. Check them out where you live

10. Call a Friend or Family Member and go out
This is always a fun way. Call a friend and hit the town, even if its just something to eat.

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