Feeling Bored? 10 Ideas To Brighten Your Day!

Monday, October 2, 2017

1.Eat Something Healthy
Whenever I eat healthy I always feel 10 times better. I love fruits and vegetables. So sometimes putting together a little array of some tasty healthy foods you like is a great start to better your day.

2.Write A list of all the things you want to accomplish in life or for the day
I always like having a visual outline of all the things I want to accomplish in my day. It's so satisfying to check off all my items as I do them. So grab a cute notebook and make a to-do list

3.Take A Long Bath Or Shower
Sometimes refreshing yourself can make the biggest change in your mood. So grab your favorite bubbly bath and relax.

4. Listen To Music
I love listening to my favorite music. Sometimes It can even give you a little inspiration.

5.Take A Drive
One of my favorite things to do, honestly. Take a long drive around your city, and maybe even stop at a few stores. That always gives me time to clear my mind and listen to some of my favorite music.

6. Read a Book/Magazine
I love my home magazines. If I'm ever bored I enjoy going to the store to pick up my favorite snack and a few of my favorite magazines and get to reading or your favorite book.

7. Draw/Doodle
Get a sketch pad and doddle or draw whatever comes to mind.

8. Bake A Sweet Treat
This one is my Favorite! Bake something sweet like brownies or cupcakes. YUM YUM!

9. Ride/Rent A Bike
All over Tempe,AZ they have these really fun bike rentals. Go out and rent a bike and take a tour around the city. *They have bike rentals in a lot of cities. Check them out where you live

10. Call a Friend or Family Member and go out
This is always a fun way. Call a friend and hit the town, even if its just something to eat.

Happy Fall / Revisiting My New Years Goals

Happy Fall Everyone!!! YAYY! Wow, Can you believe summer is over, I couldn't be more happy and sad at the same time. Fall is my favorite favorite season ever. All the colors,  the weather and the clothes. I just love it, But I really appreciate  those long days in summer, and all the delicious summer fruits! I'm definitely going to miss them.

Since we are 10 months into the year, I hope we all have been sticking to our new year goals (that might be something you haven't heard in a long time) and I hope most of you have achieved them. This year I've actually been trying my best to work towards those goals. Usually by this time of year, I've set my goals aside. But NOPE not this year. I plan to stay on track and knock out the rest of my goals.

It feels as if  sometimes we write goals and we are so excited about them and then months later we are like ohhhh those goals. So I just wanted to give a reminder and little boost to still work towards those goals, because the year Isn't over yet.

With a full 3 months left I feel we can knock some of those out and add another patch on our achievements .

Its never to late to open up that notebook and try to achieve some of those new years goals you have written down. Stick with them and stay consistent. Just because you made your goals for this year doesn't mean the process cant continue into next year.

I challenge you to go back and complete a goal or keep pushing and continue the goal you are working towards. Its never to late and we are all working towards something.

If you have any specific goals your working towards let me know in the comments. Maybe someone has the same goal. Or hey! Maybe I do as well.

Keep On Pushing!


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