My Quick Bedroom Cleaning Routine

Thursday, August 24, 2017

I love Saturday Mornings! I get to turn on my tunes and get to cleaning. I currently listen to jidenna (little bit more) On Repeat!! It just puts me in a cleaning mood or I listen to a spotify playlist. When I'm not in the mood to do a deep cleaning I like to do this simple cleaning routine. I'm usually done within 10-30 minutes depends on if I want to do some extra cleaning. Hope You enjoy and Happy Cleaning!

Throw Any Trash Away
I tend to have a lot of drinks next to my bed (dont judge) I'm not the only one

I put away anything that was out or left on the floor.

Take Out Your Cleaning Supplies! 
If you would like to see my post on my cleaning caddie and what I use -------> (click here) 

Start Dusting
Next I Use My All Purpose Spray And Start Cleaning/Wiping Down All Of The Surfaces. 

I Also Dust And Wipe Down Appliances And Office Supplies
-Small Vases
Etc. (Just dust and wipe everything) lol

Make Your Bed
Making My Bed Always Makes My Room Feel Super Extra Clean

Of Course last but not least. Vacuum those floors. I even vacuum my closet as well. 
*Vacuuming everyday eliminates dust partials especially if you wear shoes in the house. 


If I have extra time I like to Reorganizing my closet, because sometimes it can get a little out of control with a busy work week. 

BEFORE: (yes this is real life)

(Had To Pause For A Dutch Bros Coffee Break hahah)

Cleaned, Organized And Color Coded (Just How I Like It)

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