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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Heyyyy There!

I decided to write this blog post because this something near and dear to my heart. I want everyone to have love for self and carry it through out their life. I wish I could just sprinkle a magic powder and give everyone that empowerment and encouragement they need. I think It is so important for us as humans to learn everything we can about ourselves and love everything about ourselves. We are all uniquely different and we all bring something special to the table. There is something that you do that no one else does and Its so important to find what that is.

Style self love is not just a trending hashtag but a lifestyle. Self love is something that you carry with you your entire life and its something you help pass on to others. Style meaning what you wear (physically, emotionally, spirituality) and self love. So the hashtag style self love means wearing and showing off your self love.

Having self love is the way that you see yourself. Not the way another person may portray you because not everyone is going to see you for you, and that's okay. Its accepting who you are and how comfortable you feel with yourself.

You have to go to bed with you every night and being happy with who you are is so important and I cant stress that enough. you have to see your value in yourself and portray yourself in the way that you want to.

A quote that I always live by is "You can't love someone else if you don't love yourself first"

As I'm getting older but still young (hitting 25 in a few weeks) This quote has played such a big part in my life. I've seen myself an entirely different person than I am today. I've hurt people, I've had people hurt me and It all plays a part in how you value yourself.

We as women and men should empower each other to do great things, not hold someone else back or cause them hurt because we haven't found why we love ourselves. That plays a really big part in how you live your life and how you handle jobs, and relationships and your overall self.

I want it to always be on the forefront of everyone's mind to promote self love and empowerment. If you see someone doing something great, congratulate them, embrace them, lift another person up.

When it comes to yourself, never hold yourself back from anything. Put in the work. Look at yourself and love your features and hair and eyes and personality. That is the reason why I created the hashtag #styleselflove because I want us All to share ourselves on a platform, and embrace and love each other for who we uniquely are.

We as a people are all so beautiful and creative and special and we need to embrace that more and embrace ourselves. I've seen to many people including myself struggle with self love but I'm here today to promote it and keep it going.


It's not just a hashtag its a lifestyle for self love 

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