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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Organization is the one of the main KEYS to a stress free life in my opinion. I love having a place for everything and having easy access to all of my small bags. I found these easy open wire baskets to house my small travel bags. If I see a small travel bag that's cute, I usually buy them. You can never have to many bags, RIGHT? 

I actually found these wire baskets a few months ago in the target dollar spot for around 3 dollars. I didn't know what to really use them for, so they have been decoration. Until I found a good use for them.

One thing I love is finding many uses for something. Most of the time you can interchange items and use them around the house. Just because you bought a basket in the kitchen department doesn't mean you cant use it in the bathroom.

My small travel bags come in handy, especially when I'm traveling, or going to work, or you can even use them as mini purses when your running errands. I know I Do!


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