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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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I've slowly been trying out different systems that will help me keep my task/to do list/projects organized and efficient. I've finally narrowed it down to this one, using file folders and I absolutely love it. When it comes to organizing it does take a few trial runs to really see what works for you. Especially since everyone is different and we all have our way of doing things. Ive found that using file folders to keep track of projects that need to be done works best for me. I'm a very visual person, I have to be able to see at all times the things I have to do. Or lets be honest they wont get done. So I hope that my system also works for you or even if you have to tweek it a little that's perfectly fine. Do what works best for you. As long as the job is getting done RIGHT?

My Sticky Note System
I have a different color sticky note for the different tasks i may have. I love colors and color dosing pretty much everything I can. It makes my life 10 times easier, believe it or not.

Green (Call)- If I need to call a store and ask them about a charge or just a general question. I will use this sticky note. An example would be, I recently had to call my insurance and ask them a question. I place this sticky note on the outside of the file folder and inside I had the information I needed to talk to my insurance company.( Policy number etc)

Pink(Bill Pay)- I get my bulls sent to me but I pay them online. I like to keep a visual reference that I need to pay a certain bill on a certain day.It also doesn't have to be bills but lets say your car needs to be serviced and now you have a payment due. I use it for that reason as well.

Orange(Cancel)- If I ever have to cancel a service I will use orange and I write on the sticky note the service that needs to be cancelled and the date before I need to cancel it.

Blue (To Do)- This is probably my most used sticky note. I use this if i have a projectt to complete or a task that needs to be done. Like apply for my passport. It really keeps me on rack and I also add dates that I need to complete it by so that I always keep a deadline for myself

Just make sure that all the papers that you need are in that folder. I know if I have to call a store i just throw the bill or number into the file folder that way i can grab the folder, my computer or the phone and simply complete the task.

I don't use this for every task. But I do use this for task that take time. If its something that can be done right then and there. I just do it and save time. But there are those times where its easier to throw the papers in the folders and say ill call them on Monday.

*I also make sure I only keep three projects or tasks in my file organizer. I never want to be overwhelmed so three works for me

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Lets me know in the comments below if you have another way you organize.

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