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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Aside from organizing cleaning is my second favorite thing to do. I love the transition from dirty to clean. This past week I have been deep cleaning my house and getting it ready for those summer time parties that are around the corner. Anyhow today I'm going to be sharing with you my favorite products I like to use as well as some cleaning tools that make the job a lot easier.  

 I purchased this caddy a little over a year ago from target and It has been very handy. I keep all of my supplies in here, and it fits my method cleaning products perfectly. Here is a silver caddy that is similar to the one pictured here.

I was deeply in need of some new cleaning cloths, so I decided to pick up some more Microfiber Cloths from target. Microfiber cloths are amazing to use for cleaning and I would never go back to using regular cloths to clean. Each cloth has its own special talent. The gray one I use for wiping down counters and sinks, just an overall cleaning cloth. The Green one I use to clean my mirrors or wipe off the TV screen. The blue one I use before cleaning any surfaces to get rid of all the dust partials (if you live in Arizona we have an abundance of dust.)

 Now these are my all time favorite cleaning products from The Method Company. I am in love with their scents, there not to harsh and leave your bathroom and kitchen smelling like a new day. The glass cleaner smells like mint The bathroom cleaner smells like spearmint gum and my favorite all purpose cleaner is the sea salt and lime scent.

 To clean my bath and shower I use this scotch-brite  retractable shower and bath scrubber. It works wonders in the shower to get rid of any dirt or buildup. 

When cleaning the toilet area I like to use the Lysol Toilet Power Clean for the inside, it does a really good job. For cleaning the handles and the outside of the toilet I use the Clorox Wipes. I like to use the Clorox wipes because after I am finished I can just throw them away and not have to worry about contamination. If i do a deep cleaning I use small white cleaning towels that I wash and bleach separately from any other towels. 

 Last but not least I keep a scrub brush and a magic eraser in my cleaning caddy as well as some gloves for keeping my hands protected. 

 I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what are some of your favorite cleaning products in the comments below.

until next time xoxo

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