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Saturday, March 11, 2017

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Recently I've been trying to steer towards the healthy/ no toxic options when I look for personal care items. And I've settled on a few that I just really love right now at the moment and I'm sure in the near future I will have more to share. I do think body care products are something that should be invested in, but lets face it spending 70 dollars on a body wash or scrub is not in everyone's price range. So If your looking for something a little more reasonable and still very natural, here are some options that I hope work for you.

My first favorite, most wonderful, product I use is my Castile Soap by Dr Bronner's. This product is just pure joy, I pretty much use it all the time for everything, even on my face. I like using the unscented one because I do use it on my face and I don't want any scents on my face, that could maybe irritate it. This Soap comes in so many different scents Lavender, Almond (Another personal Favorite), the list goes on.

The next Product I use frequently is from Trader Joe's and it is the Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash. I also have the shampoo and conditioner that's in the same line. I love the peppermint scent and it leaves your body feeling very tingly and fresh and its totally affordable (Around 3 Dollars) You Can't Beat That

I've tried so many body scrubs in the past and I wasn't always a fan of them. But I have came across a body scrub that I love. I love having smooth, buttery skin and one product I am in love with is this Shea Moisture Hand & Body Scrub and this product adds so much moisture to my skin on top of making is extra smooth. I use it about every other day, but that's my personal preference. It has so many Oils and Shea Butter and let me add the smell is just wonderful. I am a Shea Moisture product fan, so now that they have body scrubs I am in heaven.

Last but definitely not least, I have no idea where I'd be in life without this product. Okay okay I'm exaggerating a little but COCONUT OIL is my Love. This is the best moisturizer ever. I use this day and night and every time I get out the shower. Now please remember coconut oil is an oil so it does solidify if it gets to cold. But in the spring summer and fall months in Arizona its Amazing!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know of any affordable body care products that you want to share in the comments below. Thanks!!


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