Peak Into My Closet

Saturday, February 4, 2017

 Hey Guys!! 

Even though my closet is no where near being done. I still like that I've managed to keep it organized and simple. I've spent a little around 50 dollars getting my closet to at least a point where everything has a place and everything is organized and easy to find. My favorite part of my closet is my felt covered hangers. Yes (I said hangers) I love that nothing slides off of them, they all look universal and just seamless. The look I'm going for when I do upgrade to a larger closet is a black and white theme. I'm super excited about that, but for now. I love my bright pink bins that I've had a little over a year now and they have definitely held up well. 

My second favorite thing in my closet, are these Durable Plastic Shoe Containers from Bed Bath and Beyond. I never thought I would be a person with my shoes in separate organized boxes but over the years routines and habits change. I love being able to see my shoes and still have them protected and covered. My Heels stay in the top of my closet because the boxes are to small for them but I love opening my closet and seeing my 2-3 inch heels that I rarely wear lol.

I use my bins to store Hats, Small Blankets and My Clutches and wallets. They honestly fit so much inside of just one.

I hope you enjoyed my little peak into my closet. Hopefully I gave you a few ideas to keep your closet organized.

Until Next Tim XOXO

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