How I Keep My Purses in Shape

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hey There,

Happy Monday Everyone!!!! Today I have a super easy and inexpensive DIY for you. I know sometimes when our purses are stacked in our closets they tend to get a little bent out of shape and worn down quicker. I just wanted to share with you my tip on keeping my bags in shape and not flat like a pancake.

So.. if you have purses that have a "softer" material, chances are you may have a hard time getting them to stand up and they can easily loose their shape and form. My First tip is to try and not stack your purses but line them up horizontally. It allows them to keep their shape and not be flat or deformed.

My second tip is creating a purse insert using a zip lock bag and newspaper. What I like to do is create a bag inside of the bag. You can use old magazines, old newspapers, or just paper. I crumble the paper up and place it into a gallon size ziplock bag (ruffly the size of my purse).

Then I close it up and place it inside my purse before I store it in my closet and [Walahhhhhhh] You have yourself a nice shaped bag. You may have to press on the zip lock bag to create the shape you want for your purse. I've had to use 2 of the ziplock bags to fill larger purses but for a normal size purse 1 should do the trick. You can also do this with a small handheld bag using a sandwich size ziplock bag. I hope this helps and let me know in the comments below if you used this and how it worked.

Until Next Time XOXO

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