How I Keep My Purses in Shape

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hey There,

Happy Monday Everyone!!!! Today I have a super easy and inexpensive DIY for you. I know sometimes when our purses are stacked in our closets they tend to get a little bent out of shape and worn down quicker. I just wanted to share with you my tip on keeping my bags in shape and not flat like a pancake.

So.. if you have purses that have a "softer" material, chances are you may have a hard time getting them to stand up and they can easily loose their shape and form. My First tip is to try and not stack your purses but line them up horizontally. It allows them to keep their shape and not be flat or deformed.

My second tip is creating a purse insert using a zip lock bag and newspaper. What I like to do is create a bag inside of the bag. You can use old magazines, old newspapers, or just paper. I crumble the paper up and place it into a gallon size ziplock bag (ruffly the size of my purse).

Then I close it up and place it inside my purse before I store it in my closet and [Walahhhhhhh] You have yourself a nice shaped bag. You may have to press on the zip lock bag to create the shape you want for your purse. I've had to use 2 of the ziplock bags to fill larger purses but for a normal size purse 1 should do the trick. You can also do this with a small handheld bag using a sandwich size ziplock bag. I hope this helps and let me know in the comments below if you used this and how it worked.

Until Next Time XOXO

Change is a Beautiful Thing

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hey Hey,

Another random post, but an important one that's close me.
I know everyone says, change is a good thing and  THEIR RIGHT, it is!! Change is beautiful actually. It shows that your evolving and growing and learning new things and that is what life is about. The person you were at 18 is not the person you are at 25. Life experiences change us to become who we really are. And at this point in my life I'm all for change and embracing the new things that life can bring. It's funny because at 18 and 19 I actually hated change. I loved having a routine and the same home and having everything be the same. It wasn't until I was in college freshman year and I stayed in the dorms and during this time in my life I had sooo much change to adjust to that I just hated it. Don't get me wrong I really really enjoyed my experience living in dorms its just change at that time in my life was hard. Now going into this year of 2017 I'm going to be 25 years old yay me! and I'm finding so many things that I love and so many things about myself that I didn't know. There's things about me that have changed drastically and I'm loving every minute of it, because I'm turning into who I am. I would love for everyone to embrace their changes that their going through and be accepting of them. Change is beautiful and change is new and exciting and can bring you joy. I hope whoever reads this can take something from it and embrace and love all the changes in their life.

Until Next Time XOXO

Peak Into My Closet

Saturday, February 4, 2017

 Hey Guys!! 

Even though my closet is no where near being done. I still like that I've managed to keep it organized and simple. I've spent a little around 50 dollars getting my closet to at least a point where everything has a place and everything is organized and easy to find. My favorite part of my closet is my felt covered hangers. Yes (I said hangers) I love that nothing slides off of them, they all look universal and just seamless. The look I'm going for when I do upgrade to a larger closet is a black and white theme. I'm super excited about that, but for now. I love my bright pink bins that I've had a little over a year now and they have definitely held up well. 

My second favorite thing in my closet, are these Durable Plastic Shoe Containers from Bed Bath and Beyond. I never thought I would be a person with my shoes in separate organized boxes but over the years routines and habits change. I love being able to see my shoes and still have them protected and covered. My Heels stay in the top of my closet because the boxes are to small for them but I love opening my closet and seeing my 2-3 inch heels that I rarely wear lol.

I use my bins to store Hats, Small Blankets and My Clutches and wallets. They honestly fit so much inside of just one.

I hope you enjoyed my little peak into my closet. Hopefully I gave you a few ideas to keep your closet organized.

Until Next Tim XOXO

Just a Monthly Check-In/ Accomplishing Goals

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hey Guys,

I hope everyone had an Eventful New Years and Holiday Break. It's officially the end of January and we are now in the second month of 2017. Can You Believe It! I know time is flying by already, well at least for me it is. I've realized in the past I don't like "new years resolutions". I would rather say I have "these set of goals" I want to accomplish in the new year. Its just a personal preference. A lot of the time we are reaching for a goal for an entire year with out realizing you may need small goals first in order to accomplish the larger goal.

I honesty spent all of January re-evaluating my life and what direction I want to take it in. I had to sit down with myself and say "Look, if you want to accomplish this goal you have to complete these smaller goals first" I began to feel less over whelmed and more calm and at peace with starting a new year. 

Soooo, I came here today just to share a little insight into what has been going on in my life and share with you a few of my own goals to hopefully get you started on yours.

My main goal this year was to, start a project and finish through. I love taking on new tasks and what I found out about myself is I can get over whelmed quickly and just drop everything and pretty much go on hiatus. I had to really prioritize what was important in my life and take steps to reach my end goal.

Everyday I assign myself one task to do before I go to bed that is going to help me reach my goal. At the end of the week I look back on my tasks and say did I do everything I could do for that week that is going to help me progress to my goal. If Not... the next week I change my tasks to meet my goal.

Here's an example if your New Years Goal is to travel Out of the Country. You first Goal should be I need a passport. Then you would follow up to the steps it takes to get a passport.
  • Get a Passport picture taken
  • Apply for a passport
  • Research the cost of the passport
  • Research the country you want to visit etc
I've found that its a lot easier to have a larger goal then break that goal down into smaller goals that are easily obtained.

I hope this helps with anyone that may be struggling with life goals. My ultimate plan is to be more consistent on my blog and share more content with my readers.

Until Next Time XOXO

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