Tips on having a Productive Work Week

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hey Hey There! Long time no see. Well let's put all that aside because today I'm talking{ all } about having a productive work week. I know finding that motivation to prepare for a new work week can be draining (for some) AKA me. but with a few simple preparations it will be a piece of cake. I like to start early on Sunday mornings, I feel more productive when my day starts between 7-9am. I definitely try not to procrastinate (remember the more you put off today the more you have to do through out the week)

I usually like to start with my weekly planning || I plan out all the things I may have due [ bills etc] or things I have to get done [ washing clothes, answering emails, clean my car etc] Luckily for me my planner comes with a printed out schedule for easy planning. I like to set a goal of 3 productive outcomes for the week and 3 productive outcomes for the day.

After I get all of my planning done I get to work. First on the list | Washing Clothes | I prefer to get all my washing done on Sunday or Saturday so that when the new work week rolls around I'm all set and prepared || And who doesn't love the smell of freshly washed laundry.

Plan your meals and grocery shop || I use this super helpful grocery shopping list through out the week, that way I know exactly what foods I need. It also makes meal planning a lot easier.

 Pick out your outfits. This may be an extra step but it definitely helps in the long wrong on those days you may be in a hurry. I like to pick out and iron my clothes in advance for a stress free easy morning.

Clean your house and your car. This is probably my favorite thing to do. I love having a clean, fresh car come Monday morning. It makes my drives my peaceful actually. Having a clean house when you wake up in the morning is also another icing on the cake. My day doesn't feel fulfilling if I wake up with cl- udder all around me.

Drink plenty of water. This may not seem like a big process but drinking water through out the day keeps you hydrated and refreshed.

Remember to check and respond to emails. This may be one of those dreadful tasks but keeping a clean organized inbox makes you feel better and keeps your on track and productive. I know I hate those days you wait a whole week to check your email and you may have 1,000 unread emails in your inbox. Then you feel overwhelmed and stressed. I advice you check and respond to emails daily.

 My last tip of the day is to take 20mins to an hour to just meditate and dedicate time to yourself to write down your thoughts to just clear your mind. Just grab some tea and find a nice quiet spot all to yourself.

Get plenty of Rest, Relax and Enjoy your Sunday!!

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