DIY Book of Quotes and Inspiration

I know we all love giving gifts and receiving them, and during this time of year I know a lot of people love giving gifts. In all reality you don't have to go to the store and max out your credit card giving people gifts. Gifts from the heart are definitely my favorite. Creating something with your hands and really knowing the person you are giving the gift to is much more thoughtful and heartwarming. I have a gift idea for you today that I hope you love.

 I created a "quotes book" filled with inspirational quotes that I feel the person would love or quotes that have helped me in my life. These quotes can be religious or just quotes you live by or quotes from your favorite author or your own quotes.

I found this gift to be so caring and thoughtful to have a personalized notebook filled with love and a true connection to your loved ones. What I love most able this gift idea is you can personalize the saying to fit the persons lifestyle. If you know someone who is struggling with a personal issue or someone who wants to give up on a dream. You can fill their notebook with individual personalized quotes. Just talking about it makes me so happy! I really hope you give someone a special sentimental gift from the heart this year, because you never know who may need it. Always remember a gift doesn't always have to be bought sometimes gifts from the heart are the best gift.


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