Movie Night Anyone? [Easy DIY Movie Banner]

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hey there? I know I know I've been in hibernation for a while,  Is it just me or are movie nights the best thing ever created. I'm not always a fan of going out to the movie theaters, sometimes I enjoy being a homebody with a couple of good chick flicks. My favorite movie of all time is the Devil Wears Prada. Ahhh Meryl Shreep is such an amazing actress. What are some of your favorite chick flicks? Okay Okay enough chit chat, I have a cute DIY to spice up your movie night decor. Because, what is movie night without decorations, fun snacks, and amazing company :) 

For the Movie Banner, I used a few materials that you can find at your local  craft store or around the house. 

Everything You Will Need

1. Rope or String (just something that you can use to look through)
2. Go online and print out a pattern you like. I chose the red and white stripes theme.
3. Go on Microsoft Word and create a shape them type your words in them. I spelled out Movie Night. You can always buy store bought letters also
4. Glue Stick or Regular Glue or Tape

Start out by...
Cutting out your letters (and your paper if need) Glue your letters in place and then begin to glue. After hole punch the top to thread the string through the top.

Loop the string through both holes and your done, Simple right :)

Now onto the snacks, Choose your favorite snacks and bag them up for your friends!!!



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