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Friday, May 1, 2015

Ahhhhh! It's a new month!!! Whenever a new month rolls around I get Super Excited. A new month to me is a great time to
May has always been a happy month for me since I was in school. Its that time of year when school lets out your done with taking a hundred million test, it's all about signing year books and planning sleep overs like every weekend!! and on the plus side you get to travel,see family and swim (all day, literally) and just enjoy SUMMER!
Now that I'm a few years out of all the junior high/high school days summer to me is all about Relaxing, Swimming and BBQ's in that order too:)
May is like a transition month from a hectic busy schedule to a calm chill schedule. With all the events happening in may it can become a busy month. Graduations, Ceremonies, BBQ's, School Performances Etc. You can't for get about all the Fantastic Holidays!!
  • Cinco De Mayo
  • National Teacher Day (Yes!!! Stand up for Great Teachers)
  • Mother's Day
  • Memorial Day
All these Great holidays I can't wait to celebrate. I am truly looking forward to having a Great Summer and having Fun. Hopefully along the way I can capture some really cool memories! I already started writing down goals I want to accomplish this month and the main one was keeping my desk organized. This is like the hardest task for me because my desk is like my free for all space I write at my desk to crafts and sometimes it becomes my dresser.

Another goal of mine is to start meal planning. When I actually calculated how much I spend on just fast food or going out (ouch$$$$) it starts to add up. I finally started looking into meal prepping and preparing meals at home. That way I stay healthier and save a little mula (if you know what I mean) Besides I want to work on my cooking skills a little more, I know how to cook the basics but there's nothing wrong with sharpening those skills. So maybe one day I know how to make Thanksgiving Dinner all by myself. (hashtag grown women goals)

I've also been thinking about not eating so much meat. I'm not saying I want to become a vegetarian... just yet. I am saying I want to be a little more healthier! I love is burgers mmmm like I love burgers but I did find an alternative that I like. These Quorn chicken patties are meatless and soy free. They are so good and you can dress them up in lettuce and tomato just like a real chicken burger. 

These are the three goals I have been pondering over all day. I'm sure as the month goes on I will acquire more but baby steps, baby steps. Hopefully I can get on the road to a healthier lifestyle this summer! what are some of your goals this summer??

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