My New Found Joys!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Since I've been on this journey to finding myself I have really found joy in Inspiration/Detox Books. These books basically help give you inspiration to challenge yourself a little more. You can write in it or take some of their ideas for everyday inspiration . I usually like to go through mine first thing in the morning to get my day started and to see if there is anything new I can try. We all have those days when were not feeling out best but we still need to keep pushing forward. Right? These books are great ways to write down your thoughts and goals and reach them. [daily goals that is].

The first book I want to talk about is called starting today a journal of intention and change. This book/journal is a way for you to take steps in changing bad habits or taking a different approach to a situation and every section starts out with starting today i will.... This was the first book I purchased and I write in it everyday and it really does bring me peace when I accomplish those things. Somethimes they are the smallest of things like, today I will ask questions, very simple things that you may have a hard time doing. You write about whatever it is that you want to accomplish.

This book is also filled with little ideas to complete everyday! 

The second book I want talk about is unplug everyday 365 ways to log off and live better. This book is filled with so many ideas to get out of your comfort zone and see the world a different way. Sometimes we all have a routine and we follow that routine daily. Work, school, gym home, but getting out of a routine is a good way to expand your mind. As much as we love social media it really has diminished the face to face interaction with people. This is a great way to still keep that social interaction and take risks to step out of your comfort zone.

I hope you enjoy some of these books because I know I really do and If I find anymore that are just as exciting to me, I'll share them with you

until next time xoxo

What is Success?....

Well...Its currently 2:27am as I'm writing this. Why am I awake you ask? Mostly because I have a million thoughts running through my mind, but the one I want to talk about is Success! and what does it mean to be successful. I'm going through all these images of multi million dollar homes on my computer and my mind can't grasp what I would do if I could afford something like that.

We all want success but in what form money, friendship, love life, education, career or is success to us when we have all of those things. I think that we are molded to think that success means physical things and people who worship you (like having fans). Don't get me wrong I'm sure that is an incredible feeling to have so many people look up to you but at the end of the day what is success with just yourself.

I think its finding self fulfillment and finding things in life that you enjoy. I thinks its doing things that take your mind to a positive place and surrounding yourself with like minded people. but the key is finding that hidden success within yourself and creating a life that you enjoy. That could mean if you love to travel, take the time to travel and see the world and make arrangements in life for it. I don't ever want to get stuck in the mind set that I can't see the world because Im stuck at a job, No! I want to see the world and travel and try different food and just experience life.

I don't think you can ever find success within yourself if you never take risks and if you don't get rid of things in your life that may be hindering your success. As scary as that may sound I feel its true. Taking a leap of faith into an unknown territory is what can open doors in the long run. Or trying new things.

I guess what Im trying to say is find your success! and I'm saying this to myself as well. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith to find out what we love and by finding out what we love, that can be the key to opening up our success. I feel that by finding success within yourself, life because just that more sweet and memorable.

Getting to know me w/ 50 Random Facts

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Well [hello] there! I don't think I've ever done a proper introduction as to who I am so....I'm doing it now and what better way than 50, yes 50 random facts about me:) Whenever I read blogs I love getting to know the person behind the blog(the master mind with all the creativity) I should say. hahaha I think it helps me to connect with the writer better and understand their sense of style and who they are. so here it goes. BTW grab some iced green tea or cookies and enjoy! (I'm only saying that because I want some iced green tea and cookies right now)

I was born in California but raised in Arizona, so I consider myself an Arizonian for the most part

I have an obsession with journals. Any Kind, Any Shape, Any Color (but I'm loving gold and turquoise journals at the moment) I just love them!

Growing up my nickname was yakky because I talked to much, like all the time. I just liked to talk

I love the rain. It's so peaceful and pretty

The color pink is my favorite color and it has been since I could remember.

I [hate] sleeping without covers over my feet, I just hate it

My favorite wing are HOT WINGS!

I am 23 years young

I Never Ever wear shorts, unless I'm at home. other than that. Nope!

My favorite sweets are cakes, cupcakes & donuts

I really don't like pie, at all

I hate (with a passion) shredded coconut

but I love Pina Coladas (virgin) and pretty much any drink with coconut juice

I love lions! #teamleo

BTW I'm a Leo

I was born August 4 

I have 5 older brothers [cheers to being the only girl] NOT!

My first crush was in kindergarten and he use to push me on the swings [almost every day.]

I love to clean [all the time]

 and buy cleaning supplies (mostly at target)

In 6 grade my friends and I started a magazine club and would read magazines the whole time during recess

My favorite show growing up was That's So Raven

I use to want to be a News Anchor/Weather Women

One day I want to visit London, England #LDN and maybe even live there for a few months. (who knows)

I do not eat pork and I never have or never will

I love burgers mmmmm

I'm slowly trying to become a vegetarian....slowly I said

but I love meat

My dream job would be an Editor at Vogue

I never wanted a sister but I always wanted a baby brother. But Now I wish I had a sister [life struggles]

I like pickles

Gardenia is my favorite scent [flower scent]

I had a {ballerina room} when I was little

I was and still am a girly girl

I'm actually an introvert

I've NEVER broken a bone

I have a big sweet tooth

I don't have a favorite movie

I love Roller Coasters [the scarier the better]

I'm shy

I like having my alone time

I hate mosquito's

I love the show "King Of Queens"

I'm not a big fan of "milk"

I've never road a horse before, but I want to

If I could have a Barbie Collection I would

I might actually start one...

My favorite fruits are Strawberries and Grapes

I rarely ever watch TV, actually I never do.

{I smile a lot }

It's My Birthday!! What I've Learned?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's Officially My Birthday! Wooooo, Yay [I couldn't be Happier] 
Hello to all my Leos out there. [23 years old] is not a huge milestone in the age department but it's another year of life and of me being happy and healthy. On top of that what better way to bring in a new year of birth than things that I've learned in my 23 years on this earth. This was actually a challenge thinking of 23 things that I've learned so far. So... I narrowed it down to 10. Of course we all learn so much even in a day, but to actually recognize lessons that really impacted your life can be hard to remember. Since my blog is kind of like an online diary. I wanted to share this with you, because maybe, just maybe you can relate and boom! [we have something in common] soooo yeah!

1. Reach for something you've never reached for before. Basically if you have an idea or goal just sitting in the back of your mind. Just go for it and actually do it! You never know the payoff 

2. Practice what you preach. That sang never gets old [NEVER] and its extremely true.  Don't talk about something but your not a believer in it yourself.

3. Your confidence in measured more by how you think of yourself. If you think highly of yourself and you know your worth as a human/women/man/etc, then your confidence and strength will show more and the opinions of others will not matter. [they will eventually become irrelevant]

 4. Nothing is handed to you. If you want something go out there and work to get it. You'll have a much better feeling knowing that you worked for something and it paid off.

5. In order to see results you have to work towards them. I can't just lay in my bed all day and say I want to [loose weight] but never get up and try anything to achieve that goal.

6. Don't listen to the negative, focus on the positive. Everyone is going to have an opinion and sometimes we even doubt ourselves but knowing the positive affect in everything you do will kick those negative thoughts right out the window.

7. Everybody is in their own lane and that's okay! As humans/People we are always secretly comparing ourselves to others when it comes to success. In all actuality everyone is on their own path and thats okay because you will eventually get to where you want to be also.

8. I love and hate social media. I love all the good it does with networking and business and keeping in touch with friends but I hate how controlling its become and how attached we are. But don't get me wrong I love me some social media but every once in a while its good to take a break.

 9. Writing thank you letters go a long way. We forget how important it is to send a hand written letter. A letter takes time and the whole process is different from sending a simple text. Its just much more personal and Im glad I know that know. 

10. We as humans are always evolving and changing. You are never going to be the same person you were the day before. Theres always things that we gain or loose and those things can change our views on life, relationships, success etc. So over night you can have a different opinion or view on something or gain knowledge in a certain area, and be [slowly changing] without even knowing it.

Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Well Happy Sunday!
I'm sitting here on my bed thinking of every possible thing I want to do, as in goals in life etc. I go to write a blog post, I'm staring at a blank page. All I can think about is the life I want, and how am I going to get it? and what is ultimately going to bring Happiness, which is the most important factor. Have you ever just sat around all day thinking and planning of everything you want to do and accomplish in life? well that's been me lately. [lately, as in me all day] There's so many avenues and roads you can take in life, it's literally so hard to focus on one thing you want to do. I want to do everything at one time, Right Now! It's like you trying to figure out what you can do in life that includes everything you love. When your doing what you love it won't be like having a job, it would be LIFE! for me its like I love children, I love teaching, organizing, fashion, blogging, but also being my own boss. If I could I would throw everything into one and create my own job hahaha.

        A life where you are being creative and fulfilling that REAL you is so rewarding and inevitably what life should be about. Creating and Growing and helping others and just having that fulfillment.

just a few thoughts for today... Its been one of those relaxing (eating ice-cream) kind of sundays! Hope yours is all and well :)

Summer Weekend Drinks!

 With Summer approaching so quickly, this is the perfect time of year for cool refreshing drinks. Besides the fact summers here in Arizona get extremely HOT, like 110 degrees kind of hot. I have been craving a delicious refreshing drink because I dont know about you, but I love love love drinks that have fruit in them. [Lets just say I'm obsessed]  These drinks are so easy to make, they will only take you about 5 minutes to pour up. Who doesn't have five minutes to make a drink. I know I do. Also if you want to spice it up, you can make this an alcoholic beverage with a little vodka or beverage of choice. BTW I got these adorable stars and stripes paper straws from Target in the dollar sections.

Strawberry Cucumber Lemonade
Simply Lemonade or whatever lemonade you prefer (I just love the taste of there lemonade)
Sliced strawberries
Sliced cucumbers

After all the ingredients are mixed together let it stand in the refrigerator for at least 10-20 minutes.

Sparkling POB (Pineapple, Orange, Banana)

Dole Pineapple Orange Banana Juice or fresh pineapple juice and orange juice

Fill your cup up with mostly juice and add just a few splashes of S Pellegrino to your liking.

My Niece definitely enjoyed it :)

Happy May Flowers

Friday, May 1, 2015

Ahhhhh! It's a new month!!! Whenever a new month rolls around I get Super Excited. A new month to me is a great time to
May has always been a happy month for me since I was in school. Its that time of year when school lets out your done with taking a hundred million test, it's all about signing year books and planning sleep overs like every weekend!! and on the plus side you get to travel,see family and swim (all day, literally) and just enjoy SUMMER!
Now that I'm a few years out of all the junior high/high school days summer to me is all about Relaxing, Swimming and BBQ's in that order too:)
May is like a transition month from a hectic busy schedule to a calm chill schedule. With all the events happening in may it can become a busy month. Graduations, Ceremonies, BBQ's, School Performances Etc. You can't for get about all the Fantastic Holidays!!
  • Cinco De Mayo
  • National Teacher Day (Yes!!! Stand up for Great Teachers)
  • Mother's Day
  • Memorial Day
All these Great holidays I can't wait to celebrate. I am truly looking forward to having a Great Summer and having Fun. Hopefully along the way I can capture some really cool memories! I already started writing down goals I want to accomplish this month and the main one was keeping my desk organized. This is like the hardest task for me because my desk is like my free for all space I write at my desk to crafts and sometimes it becomes my dresser.

Another goal of mine is to start meal planning. When I actually calculated how much I spend on just fast food or going out (ouch$$$$) it starts to add up. I finally started looking into meal prepping and preparing meals at home. That way I stay healthier and save a little mula (if you know what I mean) Besides I want to work on my cooking skills a little more, I know how to cook the basics but there's nothing wrong with sharpening those skills. So maybe one day I know how to make Thanksgiving Dinner all by myself. (hashtag grown women goals)

I've also been thinking about not eating so much meat. I'm not saying I want to become a vegetarian... just yet. I am saying I want to be a little more healthier! I love is burgers mmmm like I love burgers but I did find an alternative that I like. These Quorn chicken patties are meatless and soy free. They are so good and you can dress them up in lettuce and tomato just like a real chicken burger. 

These are the three goals I have been pondering over all day. I'm sure as the month goes on I will acquire more but baby steps, baby steps. Hopefully I can get on the road to a healthier lifestyle this summer! what are some of your goals this summer??

[Tumblr Inspired] Inspiration Wall

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hello Sunshines!
I've slowly but surely been working on my room (desk area especially) I decided to go ahead and continue my inspiration wall that I started a year ago but never finished...ooops! This time around I wanted to use actual pictures from Tumblr instead of cut out magazines like before. It just adds a more clean look to the wall, in my opinion.  I love Tumblr!! So I went on there and went to work saving some of my favorite photos. Along the way I added a few of my own photos to the wall that I took myself:) [shameless plug] I've seen so many ideas of inspiration walls, I wanted my own.  Waking up to inspiring words or pictures really help me start my day off in a positive way. Some of the pictures are just photos I like, or either places I want to travel to. The number one place I want to travel to is LONDON! The Beautiful UK, One day! so I keep a reminder on my wall everyday.

One of my main concerns about creating my inspiration wall was the quality of the photos, so I went out and bought a jumbo pack of high gloss photo paper. I currently think I'm obsessed with photo paper, I just love it. The look, the feel how it makes my photos look in my room! ahhhh, I don't think I'll ever print photos on regular paper again... To hang up my pictures at first I was going to use command stripes, but they come pretty expensive if your planing on buying a lot like I was. Instead I went the cheaper route and used simple clear packing tape and a little gift wrapping tape for the small corners, as so far it holds up nicely.

 There are so many ways you can spice up your inspiration wall. You can take some of your Instagram photos and print them out. You can frame some of the pictures to add a little dimension to the wall. Another idea is to just create a random collage with real photos, magazine photos, cutouts of newspapers, life achievements etc.  I love my wall, I find myself waking up and just staring at it. I hope this inspires some of you to go out and create your own inspiration wall.

until next time xoxo

What I Learned In 2014!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

 I know I'm late but it's finally the new year Yay! Let me just start out by saying I have been having writers block ever since the new year, its like my brain reset or something! but I am so excited for whats to come in 2015!!! The process of coming up with new ideas and bringing them into existence is just so fun and fulfilling. I cant wait to bring out more of the creative side of me and just really make some great memories! My Blog is Truly like my outlet. I can express the things I like and the things I enjoy. I can be creative, and I get to open up a different side of me and that is why I love blogging. I hope this year is a great one filled with new experiences! I would like to share a few of the things I have learned in 2014. For me 2014 was a very personal year, but I had a lot of great experiences and learned a lot about myself. So grab some tea and kick your feet up, I kind of have a lot to say (smile).

Love for self- One of the most important things I have learned was "loving yourself" and I  don't mean just saying it, No! I mean truly saying and showing I love me and I'm important. I think we are all special people with special traits and qualities and in order to love you, you have to embrace those traits and qualities and really not care what others think of you. You will eventually attract the right people to fit you and your life.I feel so strongly that self love is the most important love. If you don't love you, you will eventually let people run over you or you wont have that confidence to go out there and pursue your dreams. This is the body and person you have to live with forever. So never forget about you:)

Coming Out of Your Shell- Coming out of my shell ,a little, has been another lesson I've learned in 2014. Sometimes we dought ourselves and forget to take a leap of faith and just go for whatever dreams we have, even if we fail. You know you were at least strong enough to try and branch out. Sometimes it's life experiences that force us to come out of our shell.

Finding what makes you happy- Blogging, Blogging , blogging. 2014 is when I started my blog and I am so extremely happy and thankful that I was able to find out how much I love blogging. Growing up I always wrote in a journal my thoughts, dreams and ideas and I feel so good when I get to blog, its like my personal outlet to life.

Growing takes time- Growing into the person your suppose to be takes time, it doesn't happen over night. Knowing that makes me feel alot better actually! Sometimes you feel like your not progressing as a person but when you look back on yourself and how you thought or how you look, you realize, yes I am growing and changing but everything is a process. The person you were in 2014 is not the same person your gonna be in 2015.  Which is why sometimes people from your past don't click with you because you are constantly growing and changing.

Retaliation is never the answer- This is a weird one for some but a very relatable one I think. We as humans have feelings and emotions and sometimes we think if someone does something to us we have to get them back we have to give them an eye for an eye. In all honesty no you don't. It's best to just get away from people who don't have your best intentions in mind. No one should ever cause you to be other than yourself. Why bring yourself to such a low level.

I learned I love cake and sweets a little to much!!
I learned I can spend hours organizing and cleaning (i'm a little OCD)
I learned I want to live In a colder climate one day
I learned I love trying new foods, its exciting!

Share with me some of the things you learned in 2014 in the comments below! xoxo <3

Last but not least I am so extremely thankful for the people who support me! I really am, even if you just read a blog post or subscribe to my blog or share a post or follow me on social networks. I am so thankful and happy for you all. You have no idea how much that means to me! The smallest things matter to me and I couldn't be more thankful. 

I am so looking forward to 2015!!!!!

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